Use of pergolas or ramadas over patios isn't really a luxury in Phoenix landscaping or Scottsdale landscaping. More affordable solutions from Desert Crest!

More Affordable Shade For Scottsdale – Phoenix Landscaping

There are three ways to get shade on your outdoor living spaces here in Arizona. The first option is to add shade trees to your Scottsdale or Phoenix landscaping. Naturally, if you’re like many people, you’ll want shade now – not in a decade or two. Obviously, the fastest and least expensive way to get shade where you spend the most time in your backyard or courtyard is to buy a home that already has mature trees. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible most of the time, especially when the best homes suited for your lifestyle or needs won’t be dated.

The third way to achieve shade over your patio or courtyard is having pergolas or ramadas added to outdoor living spaces. Unless you’re graced with big trees, this is the most reasonable method of getting relief from the sun for all outdoor living areas.

For many homeowners, the traditional construction materials for these shade covers gets a bit out of the ball park for their budget when the pergola or ramada is constructed with wood. Worse still is the cost of a solid porch roof over a portion of the patio. Designs that implement wood are native to the southwest, as they are in backyard landscaping all over the country. Venturing beyond wood, you are faced with two choices in materials with which to build a shade roof from. Plastic and aluminum.

Plastic or PVC is never going to be a wise choice here in the desert. Late spring through summer days bring us temps that are far too warm for plastic to deliver long lasting value in an outdoor structure. The best alternative here is aluminum. Today there are options available that can give you a great looking aluminum ramada or pergola that can offer even far more shade than the traditional wood version at a lower cost.

The amount of shade created from any of these types of patio covers is greatly dependent on the space between the upper most cross ‘boards’. The farther apart your cross beams on the top, the less relief from that burning sun beneath. New developments in aluminum pergolas and ramadas give you choices that look like real wood at a fraction of the price. Something that will make it far easier to get a great looking outdoor entertainment area on a lower budget, and as you can see, without sacrificing all important aesthetic qualities in Phoenix¬†and Scottsdale¬†landscaping.