Using native Arizona plants in your xeriscaping Glendale landscaping is wise for low maintenance, but this doesn't mean no maintenance.

Native Arizona Plants and Xeriscape Glendale Landscaping

The interest in using native plants like Bursage, Brittlebush and cactus leads one to assume that since these plants thrive in the wilds of the Sonoran desert, the present us with the perfect no water plants for xericape. Glendale landscaping and the wilderness are two completely opposite things.

No one expects the open desert to have curb appeal. Everyone expects residential property to accrue in value rather than see their market price range drop. Landscaping was never meant to be without maintenance. This includes xeriscaping landscaping, Glendale. Even though native plants don’t die in the desert, they certainly aren’t lush and at their best in appearance.

What every homeowner concerned about curb appeal and market value in the greater Phoenix area needs to understand is that even xeriscape plants require some assistance with moisture. The alternative isn’t landscaping, it is an unkempt yard, which does very little for making a home highly marketable at top dollar for what the structure and interior or amenities are worth.

While it is important to conserve water, it is also very important to maintain your property value. The truth is that drip irrigation is very water conservative. Unlike hand watering with the hose or sprinklers this gives your xeriscaping landscaping plants deep root water at a rate that they use every drop. When the zones are properly set up and scheduled, you are using very little water and gaining so much more from rugged native plants.

Fast growth is always of a concern for those with newly installed Glendale landscaping. We can’t say as we don’t blame you, nursery shrubs and cacti are always immature. This leaves lots of vacant space in newly planted yards, not to mention lack of height. Xeriscape Glendale landscaping grows faster and with a much fuller shape when it is under the right amount of water and fertilization schedule.

The other thing that is commonly done with any type of landscaping here in the Phoenix – Scottsdale area, as well as across the country, is to put shrubs that are too large for the space in and whack them into submission when they start overgrowing the allotted area. Choosing a shrub in the nursery container that is ready to fill the space is never a wise choice, as it will be massive in a few years. If you pick out xeriscape plants according to the expected mature size, not only will your landscaping look better as it grows, your annual maintenance chores will be far fewer.

This is true of all xeriscape plants, including native desert plants. This is one more reason why having a professional Glendale landscape design will give you a much more attractive yard.