From Phoenix to Paradise Valley, landscaping can be super attractive from the curb and still be low maintenance and water conservative.

Natural Arizona Landscape Design

Your home in the Scottsdale – Phoenix area may be new or older and built on either the traditional or contemporary architectural lines of Southwestern house styles, and still be perfectly lovely with a more naturalistic looking Arizona landscape design. Here in the desert, xeriscaping landscaping doesn’t automatically mean that your yard will be without great style or attractiveness. Sometimes, our preconceived notions are a barrier to our ability not only to imagine just how lovely true desert landscaping can be, but also how attractive it can make a home look from the curb.

Most homeowners seeking Glendale, Cave Creek and Paradise Valley landscaping, don’t readily look for a more naturalized form of xeriscape in their Arizona landscape design. While where in the yard such a style of landscaping is used will be important, with the right plant selection and soil preparation, you can definitely expect it always to be interesting and attractive. You can achieve a great deal of curb appeal without using desert plants that require a lot of fuss. Do count on supplying them with a drip irrigation system though, even though xeriscaping landscaping plants suited for our climate and soil are water conservative, they will need the proper amount of moisture to look great, flower abundantly at the proper time and create value for your property.

Looking natural doesn’t necessarily mean au naturale. The ability for your Arizona landscape design to look like it belongs here has a great deal to do with the knowledge of your landscape designer. For Paradise Valley landscaping, and other locales around Phoenix and Scottsdale, plants like Turpentine Bush can be quite lovely when laid out in the right manner, along with providing bright yellow blasts of color in the fall. It serves as a fine textured groundcover type of shrub for your landscaping that can be highly effective planted en masse.

Cane Cholla cactus is an excellent water conservation selection with architectural presence that xeriscape needs when used for Phoenix, Scottsdale and Paradise Valley landscaping.  It has gorgeous flowers that are borne in spring from late April to mid May. Known as a tree cactus, It can add height without weight to many a xeriscaping planting. While it is definitely not going to provide the full presence of the average shrub, when used in combination with leafier plants, it can be striking and very beautiful.

Getting the right combination and layout of xeriscaping plants to suit your Arizona home does offer you many choices, despite what you might instantly assume. Whether you’re in need of Glendale, Phoenix or Paradise Valley landscaping – matching the plants, the layout and your outdoor living spaces needs versus your curb appeal does call for artistic balance. Use plants that require more care in the surrounding plantings for your courtyard, patio and pool landscaping as opposed to those viewed from the street to enrich your experience of home and beautiful spaces to live your life. This allows you to make the most of precious fresh water, take advantage of the myriad of possibilities that xeriscape can give your Arizona landscape design.