Pool decks go hand in hand with landscaping in Scottsdale and this one crafted from Travertine pavers is a wise buy whose looks will never fade.

Natural Stone Pavers: Scottsdale Pool Decks

The best look in Scottsdale pool decks will always be natural stone. After all, water and rocks compliment each other so perfectly in nature, and continue to do so even after we’ve cut and shaped them into regular, predictable units. Just look at the finished project here. Even with our taming of this corner, it fits right into the view behind it and offers a great sense of relaxing peacefulness.

The plunge pool as it is known in some circles or as a splash pool to others is the perfect addition to small backyards so many homes have today. It gives you a place to cool off in the warmer months without hogging most of your outdoor living space. With the swimming pool fountains on the natural stone wall behind the pool, this smart looking plunge pool doubles as a water feature and just increases the pleasantness and uses it provides.

This Scottsdale landscaping project uses chiseled Travertine pavers for the pool deck and adjacent patio, giving the entire area great flow. Travertine stone pavers come in a variety of colors from rich deep gold, to the palest walnut cream. The colors available generally come from a particular world region, and even a special quarry. The stone has streaks and swirls of darker versus lighter color as well as being pitted naturally. Some stone cutters that import it to Arizona fill the tunnels and holes that are present in Travertine. Others leave it as it is. These highly desirable pavers are also available in a choice of surfaces, but for pool decks and patios it is best to use tumbled or chiseled selections.

We recommend these gorgeous stone pavers for foot traffic only. Travertine is on the fragile side in the stone world and while it will hold up nicely for driving passenger cars over the surface, heavy delivery trucks can damage these pavers. For paving driveways, its far wiser to go with standard concrete pavers.

As with any type of paver used in Scottsdale landscaping, the pattern they are laid in changes the finished look quite a bit. This home is quite modern, so the streamlined running bond laying pattern is perfect. With a more rustic home style in Scottsdale, pool decks laid in the herringbone pattern lend a great traditional texture to the overall feeling imparted.

Additionally, with stone pavers, pool decks will never need resurfacing or cracks repaired. If the landscaper in Scottsdale you choose for your project lays the base properly or is a skilled stone mason, your pool deck should look great with almost no maintenance for up to a hundred years. That’s what you call an excellent buy!