Phoenix landscapers now have an amazing new sod for sun and shade lushness called TifGrand for summer 2011.

New Arizona Grass for Scottsdale – Phoenix Landscaping

While many homeowners regard lush Scottsdale, Glendale and Phoenix lawns as against water conservation, turf breeders have been busy creating grass varieties that require less water than older, more traditional varieties. It is no longer true that Arizona grass is high maintenance, has a lusty thirst or that it will not grow in shaded areas. In fact, having lawn sod in Arizona does reduce the temperature noticeably and can help to lower your energy use for cooling a home when combined with trees.

Shade is always the best relief from that desert sun and those who insist on having green lawns in their outdoor living spaces or for curb appeal are always disappointed that the stuff just refuses to grow in the shade. This too has been corrected for your Phoenix, Scottsdale and Glendale landscaping beauty. Coming available for the first time in the 2011 season is a brand new and phenomenal Bermudagrass sod in Arizona. Unlike some varieties that are introduced and cause a stir, this new turf for Phoenix lawns and those in surrounding locales, is well acclimated to our climate. In fact, TifGrand® that is coming this spring was trial grown and tested right here in Arizona throughout it’s development process.

It isn’t just having a new type of grass to work with that has savvy Scottsdale, Glendale and Phoenix landscapers excited about the introduction of TifGrand® Bermudagrass becoming available. It’s arrival brings with it an end to the age old dilemma of getting good thick grass of the same variety to do well in both sunny and shaded areas of a client’s yard. If you know anything about lawn grasses, you will instantly see just how amazing this new sod is to having long lasting beauty in your yard.

Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Glendale landscaping doesn’t have to be totally desert in design to be low maintenance and only require reduced water usage. This new TifGrand® Arizona grass is an excellent solution to enjoying desert lawns that will thrive just about anywhere it is installed. If the area you’re having trouble keeping your grass green and lush gets about 4 hours of sun a day, then your angst over that bald spot is over! The same lawn grass performs very well in full sun to 70 percent shade, and in some situations continues to grow we even in 90% shade cover. If no sun reaches the area that is bugging you at all, then not much will grow there – including TifGrand.

If you’ve been thinking its time to consult some landscapers in Phoenix, Glendale or Scottsdale as to how they can help you to overcome lawn damage due to mole crickets, increase the thickness of turf in shaded areas or be able to enjoy the beauty of lush green expanses without having to pour tons of fertilizer and precious water on it… now is a great time to do so. You see, this new sod in Arizona for all around Phoenix lawns is not just a rising star but so unique the seed is patented. To be granted a plant or seed patent, it must be proven beyond the shadow of doubt that there is nothing else that is the same anywhere.

TifGrand®(PP21017) will be available from Phoenix landscapers like Desert Crest for application this year in your Glendale landscaping, Scottsdale landscaping or Phoenix landscaping. So you might want to reconsider tearing out that needy lawn and replacing it with nothing but xeriscaping plantings.

Sun or shade, you can have lush, easy care lawn for your Phoenix, Arizona landscaping with low water needs.