Up to 120 days of continuous bloom from crape myrtles in landscaping.

New River Landscaping: Bold Color From Crape Myrtles

When attempting to produce a bold and lush tropical landscape design, use of brilliantly colored crape myrtles can add a touch sure to make you the envy in the neighborhood. When used as a specimen plant – placed as the focal point in your New River landscape design such as the Tuscarora Crape Myrtle shown here in the foreground accenting the circular drive of a New River home, the contrast produced by the bold color is striking against the accompanying green-colored foliage.

The many varieties of Crape Myrtles are incredibly beautiful and although noted for extensive use throughout the south in tropical settings, they do grow particularly well in the Southwest because these gorgeous bloomers are quite drought tolerant plants handling clay soils very well. They are great choices for adding to a lush tropical landscape design and are well suited to an Arizona climate. These plants are definite sun lovers requiring just an occasional deep watering to flourish making then an easy choice for New River landscapers.

There are varieties from which to choose that bloom up to 120 days every summer including the Dynamite Crape Myrtle, Red Rocket Crape Myrtle and Raspberry Crape Myrtle bush as well as the popular Tuscarora. This is incredible color for lush landscaping New River homes can be boldly framed by. You can remove any spent flower heads during summer months (this is a process called “deadheading”) that “tricks” the plant making it continue to bloom even more profusely. They also produce an exquisitely beautiful fall color as well before going dormant during the winter months.

A wonderful feature concerning the use of Crape Myrtles is they come in a variety of sizes to suit different needs for producing lush landscaping around your New River home. Use these in open spaces as well in tight areas. You can mix and match your selection of Crape Myrtles that produce varying colored blooms. Tropical landscape design is just one of the advantages of living in New River, Arizona.