The biggest element for outdoor living patios and courtyards in Arizona? Water features to enhance New River landscaping.

New River Water Features: Hot Arizona Landscape Design Moods

One of the hottest topics splashing around in the Arizona landscape design community today is the addition of water features. These outdoor living area elements can be as simple as courtyard fountains or elaborate as cascading waterfalls with multiple ponds inhabited by colorful fish and beautiful water plants.

Instilling a rejuvenating mood and evoking a setting of serenity to New River outdoor living patios or courtyard designs is something not possible to create in any other way. Water features add many benefits to your Arizona landscape design. Transformation of a place or a mood is simple with water; it has always had this affect on a space and a person. The reason is the fact that splashing water emits raw beneficial serotonin into the air around water features in nature. Applying this attitude adjustment to your Arizona landscaping can create the perfect escape you need from the outside world and its headaches.

One of the more popular types of water features used in New River landscape design is backyard ponds. The well designed landscape pond is great looking through the windows of your home and an attraction that beckons friends and family to gather and absorb the tranquility. The ambient sounds provided by Arizona water features like ponds and courtyard fountains will always deliver soft background music enhanced by mood elevators as a natural resource for outdoor living areas.

Increasing the beauty and relaxation of pool decks in Arizona with waterfalls is wonderful. Adding the enhancement of night lit waterfalls around the pool deck? New River landscaping can hit a whole new zenith. As part of patio designs, in Arizona courtyards or greeting guests in your outdoor foyer – you can extend the enjoyment of water features to all hours of the night and day with underwater lighting.

Adding fish to your New River pond design will definitely make it into the focal point for your outdoor living patio entertainment. You, your family and all your visitors will become enthralled watching hours of fish activity.

However, before you get too excited about how adding water features in New River landscaping can become a valuable and entertaining asset, there are two important decisions to make that include its location and size.

Take into consideration two elements when choosing a location – sun and visibility. You need a spot in your New River landscape design where sunlight shines at least four hours per day so any aquatic plants can bloom. You can place water features in the shade if you do not include blooming water plants. Also, adding plants to the rocky edges of Arizona water features like ponds and waterfalls deliver half of the beauty you would expect from outdoor living area enhancements as part of your landscape design.