You'll spend way more time in the fresh air enjoying your Scottsdale landscaping with an outdoor entertainment fireplace on the patio.

New Twist On A Scottsdale Landscaping Favorite

While having an outdoor fireplace in your backyard landscaping isn’t anything new, transforming them into outdoor entertainment centers definitely puts a new spin on your options. What better spot to kick back and enjoy the game or a great movie than in front of the dancing flames? Should your cable package include Sirius radio channels, then you really the total package in a very compact space. Add a couple of auxiliary outdoor speakers and your next party will be complete with surround-a-sound music.

We have done this before, a number of years ago. This customer’s project however, is quite different. The original outdoor fireplace – TV combo by Desert Crest was not so exposed to the weather and elements. That project was part of a partially enclosed ramada with the television on a different wall than the fireplace. Additionally, no protective enclosure was needed for the TV.

Combining an outdoor television with your outdoor fireplace is a natural for creating an entertainment center.This Scottsdale outdoor fireplace’s location leaves the electronic exposed to sunlight, wind and rain on three sides. Even though an outdoor television is weatherproof, without protection from the harsh desert elements, the lifespan and beauty of them would be lessened left uncovered. Our solution here was a custom TV cabinet added to the fireplace structure. This is much more attractive than the soft covers you find at the electronics store.

The homeowner on this project opted for a cabinet finish that blended with the stone and stucco of the fireplace. There are other ways to approach it should you prefer something more ornamental or decorative. Scenery paintings or still life subjects would look great in the doors, giving you the same kind of feeling that a large photo over the mantle does indoors. It could also have applique carvings added in a contrasting color, or even stenciled on. A talented artist could make the doors take on a huge array of looks that would be totally unique to your backyard.

Bringing your wishes and imagination to life with the best solution possible is an every day affair at Desert Crest. We do uniquely beautiful Scottsdale and Phoenix area landscaping. Check out more of our outdoor fireplaces.