Outdoor Fireplaces A Hot Spot in Scottsdale Landscaping

The backyard is always a hub of activity, so it makes perfect sense that it carries a lot of weight in anyone’s Scottsdale landscaping plans. You don’t need a lot of extra room to add an outdoor fireplace to the features available in your outdoor living space. In a small backyard, where space is at a premium, consider the beehive style indigenous to outdoor fireplaces in Arizona.

In small rooms, a round table always is more preferable to a square style because the absence of corners gives you more floor space. The same is true of the round beehive fireplace versus one that is square – it leaves more open area for traffic flow and other uses from your precious patio space. Of course, your outdoor fireplace doesn’t have to be on the patio, but in many a backyard there’s not much room for it elsewhere either. However, don’t decide you have no room for outdoor fireplaces until you’ve at least met with a good landscape designer. Coaxing optimum use out of your available area is part of what their job is.

Beehives look great with home styles here in The Valley and have been in use for heat and cooking for hundreds of years. While its always desirable to have the seat walls flanking the backyard fireplace like the recently completed project in the image above, if you don’t have the room for them, they aren’t necessary. However, on patios that are cramped for space, bench seating on each side of the hearth multiply your seating capacity even when you’re not using the fireplace. Something to keep in mind when you’re wondering how to seat all the guests coming for your next outdoor shindig.

Outdoor fireplaces are an attraction. People just can’t help but be drawn to the flames. Unless they’re hungry and the grill is their focus, guests will always want to gather around your dancing flames. It seems to be the innate nature of humans. If we’ve got plenty to drink and eat, the next requirement is fire. Its been that way forever, even if you’re not cold, there’s something that seems to pull you nearer.

You have a choice of fuels for a beehive too. Opting for wood burning is great, but many people prefer the ease and convenience of natural gas flames. Gas can be bottled or delivered via a line from your natural gas used in the house. Keep in mind that if you want your fireplace to burn gas from the house it will be necessary to run the proper gas lines that will meet code. Something that is many times easier done if the patio in your Scottsdale landscaping hasn’t been installed yet.