One of a kind designs in outdoor fireplaces by Desert Crest are a popular feature for our Paradise Valley landscaping clients.

Outdoor Living Spaces in Paradise Valley Landscaping

The good life, like a truly great movie, is all about the experience that unfolds around us. Exceptional patio designs today are referred to as outdoor living spaces, far more than a paved area to keep your outdoor furniture off of the dirt. When considering what to write about today, this photo of one of our projects reminded me of surround sound, and how just a blend of channels can take watching a movie to an entirely different plane of experience. One that tends to make the experience more like you’re in the movie, rather than in front of a screen, because the action enfolds you.

Paradise Valley landscaping is really no different in preferred plot than the focus intended to be used in all professional landscape design. The goal of all landscape design is supposed to be creating a place that blends with and makes the most of the surrounding scenery. In essence, this means more of accenting and beautifying the tableau, that it does outdoing the Jones or Smiths next door and down the street. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m all for the well-appointed approach to the design and enjoyment of outdoor living spaces. The thing is, you can have your cake and eat it too, so to speak.

Patio designs in residential developments can’t always take advantage of a natural panorama beyond them though, and this may very well be the reason so many landscape designers around Phoenix and Scottsdale forget that the goal is to be at one with the natural setting. This particular property though is situated in a spot to perfectly put the true rule of landscape architecture to work and pull it off beautifully. This surround-a-scene outcome, like a movie watched at the theater, give you a sense of the greater beyond being part of the outdoor living space’s experience and attraction.

As is found with most outdoor living patio designs, the fireplace here is the tallest feature. Even though it’s stucco finish has dramatic accents, as a whole, the outdoor fireplace’s presence acts as a buffer between the patio pavers and the natural world beyond.

While we have created many outdoor fireplaces and great looking patio designs over the years, this image that I’ve looked at many times before struck me as exuding peace this time. I think surrounding oneself with nature may just be the key to ultimately relaxing outdoor living spaces. Not just in Paradise Valley landscaping, but in all of Arizona and locations across the country.