Cooling and gorgeous travertine pavers are popular with professional Paradise Valley landscapers.

Paradise Valley Landscaping: Elegant Courtyard Design

Travertine pavers are a popular choice used by Paradise Valley landscape designers. Although made from natural stone, travertine is a specific type of ocean harvested limestone. Travertine can be cut to many sizes and thicknesses as is evident in the courtyard shown here. For this landscape design in Paradise Valley, the designer has chosen  cooling, silver colored stone pavers that contrasts beautifully with the lush green plantings.

Travertine is similar to flagstone and can be installed with either  mortar or in a sand bed like traditional paving stones. The decision of installation method varies according to the Paradise Valley landscape design needs and uses. Here the landscape designer has chosen a classic look. Shown are stone pavers cut with a honed chiseled finish. Tumbled finish travertine pavers are great for creating a more rustic and informal feeling.

As you can see, travertine can also be laid with patterns much like flagstone is set. Since travertine are natural stone pavers, they will have slight indentations on their surface. These indentations can be filled, if a completely smooth surface is desired. For the great beauty of that natural stone effect, many Paradise Valley homeowners have their Paradise Valley landscapers leave them just as they are.

Edges also can be either chiseled smooth as shown here or dramatically “tumbled,” where pavers are literally roughed up with abrasive materials to get the desired appearance. Travertine is a high-end product available in a vast selection of beautiful natural colors. As many patterns also are available providing Paradise Valley homeowners extremely attractive solid surface landscaping features as do flagstone pavers. Both possess similar features and selection by landscapers in Paradise Valley will depend upon the homeowner’s personal choice for appearance and cost as well as availability.

Use of natural stone is an exceptionally beautiful method to enhance your property and home. Home improvements engineered using travertine pavers will produce a lasting value. Although landscaping designs do change, courtyards, patios, pool surrounds and other Paradise Valley landscaping features constructed using natural stone pavers endure timelessly.