Adding inlay accents like paver circles to Phoenix patio designs make great outdoor flooring focal points.

Phoenix Patio Designs That Won’t Go Out of Style

There is little question that backyard landscaping and outdoor living spaces add value to a residential property’s value should you decide to sell your Arizona home. Features like shade ramadas and built in gas grills not only have good curb appeal, these popular additions to Phoenix patio designs also add much value to your lifestyle. Unlike other things one would add to their home or yard, paver patios will never look dated or go out of style. Like a patio made of natural stone, pavers are super low maintenance and will look as beautiful in ten or twenty years as they do the day your patio installation is completed.

The very nature of pavers makes them a wise investment. Should some sort of underground repair be needed or you decide to add onto paver patios in the future, they can be picked up and reused to put the paving back together again. Pavers fit together like a puzzle, making it possible to restore the patio surface and the repair would not be noticeable. One certainly can’t accomplish that with poured concrete.

Adding soft accents to the paver pattern can give you great focal points and break up a large expanse of paver attractively. The most common accent is a circle pattern. At times a homeowner would love to add an outdoor fire pit to their new patio, yet it just isn’t possible with their budget. By integrating a circle inlay where the fire pit is desired to be makes it easy to add this feature later on without the need to also extend the patio. To save on the amount of labor required to put in the fire pit in the future, it is wise to have the gas line installed under the patio. This means half the patio won’t need to be torn up and replaced when work on the fire pit begins. The same is true of water lines or electrical that would run beneath pavers to feed other features you may want to add later, such as spas or outdoor gas grills.

All over Scottsdale and Phoenix, patio designs that are most highly sought are those created with pavers. This isn’t surprising. They are easy to care for, beautiful and will never depreciate in value.