Bringing new life to older pools with Phoenix paver pool decks by Desert Crest.

Pavers and Pool Decks – Phoenix Landscape Design

The desert lifestyle is most definitely enhanced with a swimming pool in our outdoor living spaces. The incorporation of patios that spill over into the pool area has many owners of older pools eager to replace their bland concrete pool decks. Phoenix and Scottsdale pool landscaping today will incorporate  the warm, earthy look of natural stone tiles or Phoenix pavers.

The pool in this photo isn’t a new installation. It is the after picture of a Phoenix pool deck remodeling. Before we began work in this client’s yard, the pool landscaping was not at all warm or welcoming. At the time that this swimming pool was built, the deck design was high style for that era and quite at home in anyone’s view as to what a smart looking backyard landscape should contain.

With the innovation of Phoenix pavers and readily available supplies of stone tile pavers like travertine, pool decks and outdoor living spaces have altered dramatically. Looking at the difference between then and now, it isn’t hard to wonder what was found so attractive in huge expanses of monotone concrete. This choice of decking material is definitely an improvement over bare soil and weeds. However, it still leaves much to be desired, even when adding contrast with colorful brick trim as was done here.

Updating older concrete pool decks, Phoenix landscape design work uses either pavers or stone tile today.Along with the introduction of paver pool decks, came a wider scope of Phoenix landscape design. Most people would prefer to have pool landscaping that adds color and interest to this part of the yard too. This makes perfect sense with our patio designs evolving into outdoor living spaces and it being a natural thing to merge the pool deck with the patio.

In a small backyard space such as this one pictured here, sometimes it is best that not many plants be used. This isn’t just because of the lack of area to plant. The chlorine concentration in pool water can damage landscaping plants if there is a great deal of constant saturation of their root zones occurring. Something that homeowners with boisterous children making waves and splash over at play in the pool should keep in mind as they plan their Phoenix landscape design surrounding the water’s edge.

The change between the original pool deck and this new paver pool deck is incredible really. It wouldn’t be stretching the truth one bit to say that this clients outdoor living space was swiftly transformed from cold and drab to warm and stunning. All it took was a pool deck remodel using ultra versatile Phoenix pavers. Without a doubt, Phoenix pool decks have come a long way in recent years. It’s hard to imagine a look like this as going out of style.