Get the right soil preparation and the best sod for the climate and great Arizona lawn care tips from the pros.

Peoria AZ Lawn Care – Challenging, Yet Attainable

Maintaining a Peoria, Arizona lawn installation can be quite the challenge at best. Arizona lawn care presents a homeowner with an entirely different set of challenges that are not present in many other states. Extra efforts are needed, especially in the extremely hot and dry summer months, making it difficult for Peoria, AZ lawns to survive – let alone thrive.

The first step to having an easy to maintain lawn in the desert of Arizona that always looks beautiful is having the right type of sod installed in your yard. And, although for the most part, desert landscape design will use a minimum of lawn space, with some careful effort following a few basic tips the best way to create and maintain vibrant and lush Arizona lawns.

Soil quality in Peoria is basically alkaline and sandy, with patchy areas of clay. The sandy soils here reduce the sod’s ability for moisture and nutrient retention that is necessary to produce vigorous, healthy lawns. Arizona lawn installation companies will prep the soil appropriately to allow better drainage and rooting in clay and improve moisture retention in sandier soils. Proper soil preparation will assist your lawn in making the most of the watering it receives. Most yards will have different areas of the two soil types that must be addressed for great looking, lush in Peoria, AZ lawns.

Adding composted humus to both types of soil found in Peoria AZ yards assists clay in draining and sand in adopting better moisture retention. This also helps increase your Arizona sod installed to get everything it needs out the quality fertilizer a reputable Peoria landscape company uses. Additionally, the humus installed with soil prep for Arizona lawn installation also serves to protect the lawn’s root system.

Irrigation systems, Peoria, Arizona homeowners are the smart choice for those who have sod installed in their desert landscape design. This allows your lawn to never get too dry while you are busy doing what you must do. Arizona lawn installation is an important part of your home’s curb appeal value, so you’ll want to keep it lush and vibrant at all times.

The best Arizona lawn installation companies will offer you fertilizer and lawn sprinkler systems maintenance service. This will allow you to have a great looking Peoria, Arizona lawn and not have to worry about when and what to feed your lawn. You’ll be free of the hassle of dragging around hoses, as well as not watering enough, or watering too little. Your automatic irrigation system should be set to provide your sod with about 1 ½ inches of water using a slow, rain-like method for deep moisture penetration.

One area that many Peoria homeowners who have Arizona lawns shouldn’t overlook is the proper mowing procedures. You’ll want to protect your investment with good Arizona lawn care ensuring your grass is not damaged and remains healthy. Your lawn will also look far greener if you mow only with sharp blades on your mower. Dull blades rip the grass, leaving frayed surfaces that turn white in the sunlight. It is highly recommended that you maintain a mower blade height between 2 ½ to 3 inches from early spring through to late autumn.

Maintaining the longer hot weather grass height on your Peoria, Arizona lawn will help provide a protective shade for root systems of Arizona lawns. For both you and your lawn, mowing in the evening as the sun sets is best. This allows you more comfortable conditions for yard work and the grass blades time to heal the cuts before the sun next reaches its maximum height. In winter you should drop your mower blade height for mowing at 1 to 2 inches.

If you decide to fertilize your new Peoria, Arizona lawn installation on your own, remember it will get hungry. You should be applying a high quality slow-release lawn fertilizer every 30 to 45 days. Don’t overdo the lawn feeding though. Lawn fertilizer burns when it is applied too heavily. To learn more about Arizona lawn installation and automatic irrigation installation services, don’t hesitate to contact Desert Crest.