Natural stone, stucco and patio pavers unite to make a conversation area surrounded around this Peoria fire pit design.

Peoria Fire Pit Designs Create Outdoor Conversation Spaces

There’s nothing quite like the cool night air after a summer afternoon here in our Arizona desert climate. While the sun’s disappearance overhead makes for comfortable outdoor lounging, early in the warmer months and as we approach winter, the night air can be quite chilly. Whether for ambiance added to a social gathering or to put some warmth into the night spent visiting with friends in Peoria, there is something very special about adding custom fire pits to your patio.

Designs that work with your available space and flow with the colors already present in the pavers or patio stone tile or other hardscape in the backyard, even the walls of the house make for beautiful outdoor living space elements. While most Peoria fire pit designs are round, there is no law that decrees your outdoor fire feature has to be that shape. It can be square or rectangular, but long standing traditions direct most homeowners to want a round fire pit.

Gas firepits are most popular thanks to our relative lack of abundant fire wood here in the valley. For most, when comparing the two options in fire pit designs, gas burning models are more attractive for more reasons than firewood being at a premium. First,  its much easier and faster to have flames dancing with gas than with a wood burning fire pit. Still some love that aroma of burning wood, so from time to time, we get requests for the wood burner as opposed to gas. In a city or development community, however, ordinances could be in place that curtail the use of wood as the fuel for open burning as is what occurs in fire pits. During dry months here in Arizona this is especially an issue, since live sparks could be a hazard.

Adding custom fire pits to the patio is popular in Peoria landscape design requests. They are definitely an asset to outdoor living spaces. Something homeowners here in Arizona can enjoy almost 12 months a year.  As with the fire pit design in the image above, the patio pavers and landscape stone in the backyard landscaping are echoed in the natural stone caps on the built in seat walls and on the fire pit itself. The sand tones in the stone coping adds a light accent color to the overall design appeal.

With four seat walls circling the round fire feature, this corner of the home’s outdoor living space is a special spot for evenings spent with friends and family. Nicely accenting the dark patio paves, the area stands out from surrounding hardscape elements and the rest of the backyard landscaping. Once lit after sundown, Peoria fire pit designs like this offer the perfect relaxed conversation space for entertaining or the family in residence.