Rock, desert plants and iron go perfectly with Peoria natural areas.

Peoria Garden Design: Stone it with Natural Beauty


Stone is the oldest of building materials known to man. It exists in many shapes and sizes. The first elementary structures built by pre-historic man were simple structures where gathered native rock and stone were dry-stacked one on top of the other.

Throughout the ages, man has discovered many techniques to shape and form assorted pieces of rock or stone into useful structures not only including roadways and bridges, but used as walls and flooring. When it is used correctly, stone connects people with nature, creating a feeling of timelessness, becoming a complimentary part of a desert garden. So stone was the natural choice for a backyard patio wall and decking shown here when coming up with this garden design in Peoria.

The technique used by the Peoria landscaper constructing the wall shown here is known as dry-stacking. The landscape design calls for carefully selecting wall stone based on size and shape that form a self-supporting interlocking pattern. This technique requires no use of mortar so the wall will conform to the earth if it shifts and is quite durable. This is the oldest construction technique known to man and is widely employed still today in many landscape designs including desert gardens and lush gardens of great beauty.

One of the reasons professional landscape designers in Peoria choose dry stack natural stone patio walls is in the event damage to the wall occurs, it can easily be repaired, sometimes incorporating the damaged stone, since no mortar or cement is used. This lends its use to a greater economical choice as well since any construction or maintenance performed by professional Peoria landscapers is both less material and labor-cost effective.

As is shown in this example of Peoria garden design, the use of uniform, interlocking pavers for patio design coordinates so nicely with the choice of dry-stacked wall stone. The wall provides some privacy while installation of the rustic iron gate provides a timeless, welcoming entry. Additional use of large landscape rocks placed in strategic spots throughout this xeriscape design helps complete the naturally appearing use of stone material creating a semi-private desert garden design in Peoria that has an extremely clean look and coordinated look.