Remodeling existing exterior structures can give you sensational outdoor living spaces on a limited budget working with Desert Crest.

Phoenix Courtyard Designs: Reclaimed Outdoor Living Spaces

The entry courtyard as part of a home’s architecture is a tradition that has been in use for hundreds of years. For today’s homeowners, smaller properties leave them challenged for the room required for all the outdoor living spaces they really need. Additionally, in residential developments, one must get creative to find the seclusion they seek to live privately in close proximity to neighbors, even those we truly enjoy. After all, its great having friends next door or right across the street, but we all need solitude and privacy too.

There are lots of newer homes today that provide ample room for a private space on the front of the house in Phoenix. Courtyard designs that home builders devise may seem great when you first move in, but chances are, after a while you begin to have needs you never envisioned before.

At first consideration, having outdoor living spaces at the front door may seem all wrong. Yet if the space is secluded, then why not? It’s your yard, your castle, and you should make the most of every square foot of it, both inside and out. We have a great example of just how some homeowners can reclaim existing wasted space and turn it into a wonderful spot to relax, entertain and spend time with family. The photo above shows you what this family has now. It is not what was just outside their front door when they called Desert Crest.

Great shade! Pretty boring outdoor structure. Wait til you see what Desert Crest Landscaping in Phoenix did to remodel this space!Here’s the before picture of the spacious and shaded front courtyard that came with the house upon purchase. As Phoenix courtyard designs go, its very plain and could become something so much more. Who would want to spend a great deal of time in this open to everyone’s view area? In era’s past, such an entry courtyard was meant to shade the exterior walls and perhaps to impress guests upon arrival. Flash forward to 2012, a time in history that every penny on hand and every square foot of a home must have a use. Obviously, an improvement to space planning was needed. Why pay for a new enclosure when a perfectly decent one already exists?

Improving your landscaping in Phoenix, isn’t always about adding on or starting over. With the right starting point like this one and a truly innovative landscape designer, you can have fantastic outdoor living spaces that don’t require a completely new beginning. Naturally, it helps if your landscaper is also a highly skilled mason and a licensed general contractor. There’s a lot more to a fully functional landscape than adding some desert plants, and you can have a great space with a smaller budget. Crafting beauty or usefulness doesn’t always carry a huge price tag.

We used the expanse of the existing archway to create the integrated outdoor fireplace’s extended wall. By matching the color of the stucco, it is pretty hard to tell where the existing courtyard roof supports were and where the new construction begins. The existing plain concrete courtyard floor we gave a whole new look with a terra cotta faux finish to make the most of what was there on a budget. All in all, this was a simple upgrade for Phoenix landscaping. Still, it completely changed the front of the home, increased the outdoor living spaces and added a huge amount of enjoyment value for the homeowner. Additionally, when guests arrive at the front door, there is tons more interest to greet them.