Low maintenance Phoenix landscaping requires well built concrete masonry elements too.

Phoenix Landscape Design for Privacy & Seclusion

Living on small properties in close proximity to neighboring homes as many of us do these days, some secluded outdoor space is important in Phoenix landscape design. Even the most extroverted personalities need privacy at home. No one wants to be on display to those around them all the time.

Seclusion is a necessary part of relaxing and enjoying outdoor activities at home. For instance, if your neighbors or people passing on the street have a clear view of your outdoor dining space, you probably don’t make much use of your patio table. No one wants people watching them eat their steak or barbecued chicken. Nor is it likely you’ll get near as much use of your swimming pool or spa if it is sitting in a very public space.

This is where privacy walls become important players in Scottsdale and Phoenix landscaping beyond that southwestern tradition of the entry courtyard. Sure, you can plant trees, but not only do they take a number of years to provide you with some seclusion, a lot of backyards and side yards are simply too small to share with the wide spreading, low branched trees so common in metropolitan areas due to overhead wires. For a large number of homeowners, getting some privacy outdoors means erecting a wall.

Privacy walls can be constructed of bricks, blocks and wood. Your lowest maintenance and longest lasting option will be masonry construction of some form. Brick is nice, but for most homes in this part of Arizona, block masonry with stucco finishes adds the perfect combination with Southwestern architecture. You can get a lot more creative with the lines and design of any masonry construction with concrete stucco too, like the walls leading to and around the inviting entry pictured here.

Who says that a privacy wall, or any type of masonry feature has to be flat topped and square? When you’re in subdivisions that are built on flat ground, erecting privacy walls on the property line is not only possible, but recommended. After all, you have limited yard space as it is, so why let the people behind you or next to you benefit from the use of your land? On more uneven terrain and in developments that have natural areas between clusters of homes, its not always desirable for a wall to run on the property line. Sometimes, the least expensive approach is to follow the contours of the level portion and the meandering wall style is more than just an artistic expression.

What your privacy walls styling will be with a talented Phoenix landscape designer not only takes into consideration the property lines and your need for some privacy, but also site conditions, your budget, the style of your home and also your taste. You don’t want just any wall, but the right one to provide the solution for each of these needs. Its best if your work with a landscape company who is knowledgeable about footings and concrete masonry too. For a lot of landscape designers, a wall is just a line on their pretty looking landscape plan.  Be sure to check into the knowledge of any prospective designer of this important aspect of your outdoor living area’s landscape before hiring someone. You want excellent masonry skills to get the best results from your investment.