Phoenix Landscaping – Lawns for Arizona

Phoenix Landscaping – Lawns for Arizona

It would be great if there was a lawn grass called Arizona, because that would make picking out what to install in your grass areas of the yard a breeze. Instead homeowners are faced with choosing between an array of Bermuda, Rye, Palmetto and Paspalum for their lawns in Phoenix. Making the wrong decision means your lawn will not perform to your expectations. Grass is not all the same, different types have different requirements and behaviors.

Choosing sod over seed is best for low maintenance Phoenix lawns. You will need far more water and time to establish a thick carpet of grass in your yard from seed. That is why sod is more expensive, someone has already put all that extra labor and water on this popular method for instant lawns so thick and green. Even though sod is already well established, you will still want to make sure you select the right lawn grass to meet your yard’s conditions and your Arizona landscaping requirements.

No single grass for Phoenix lawns is going to be green 365 days a year; this requires over seeding with the off season grasses. Some turf grass varieties like the new Seashore Paspalum will remain green a month longer than our Hybrid Bermuda sod varieties. Paspalum will also give you the benefit of staying lush and green with less watering and fertilization. This is the one Arizona sod variety that prefers low nitrogen and drier conditions, making it an excellent way to reduce the cost of maintaining your Phoenix landscaping.

Palmetto grass for Phoenix lawns is a hybrid St. Augustine grass that is great for the shady spots in Arizona yards. The blades are much coarser than other grasses that prefer full sun, creating a plush carpet of green in all the places you have difficulty keeping a thriving lawn. Palmetto will go dormant in the cool season and does best in places where only moderate foot traffic takes place.

The hybrid Bermuda grass sods developed for the Arizona climate are fine leaved and bred to do away with many common problems traditional bermuda grasses have. For people in Arizona with allergies, you’ll be delighted to know our hybrid Bermuda varieties for your lawn are pollen-free. For a well behaved lawns in Phoenix less prone to invading your landscape plantings the solution is a hybrid Bermuda such as Tifgreen, Tifway or EZ-Turf sod.dclogo

Cool season grasses for lawns in Phoenix give you a choice of Tall Fescue and Perennial Rye. Some people get the idea that overseeding for winter color using the cheaper Annual Rye is saving them money on lawn maintenance. This isn’t true. Perennial Rye comes back year after year and you will have to replace the Annual Rye in your Arizona lawns each and every year. Sometimes keeping more green in your pocket is best done over the course of time and not instantaneously.



  1. Katie

    I had Palmetto sod installed in my front yard this year. I had it in my yard as a kid, and love it. This was my first year installing sod, and it was entirely worth it!

  2. Marie

    I love my lawn! I have Celebration Bermuda grass in my back yard, I love the feeling of it between my toes.

  3. Katie

    This summer I’m switching my sod from Palmetto to a new variety of Arizona sod called TifGrand, it’s supposed to do really well in shaded areas. I found it through Evergreen Turf, who I guess is the only grower of it in Arizona.

  4. Jesse

    Evergreen Turf, Arizona’s premier sod producer, is the exclusive licensed seller of TifGrand bermudagrass in the Southwest
    Can flourish in growth in 60-70% shade coverage; is known to continue growth well in up to 90% shade levels.
    Can grow at the same capacity in full sun.
    Requires considerably less water and fertilizer.
    Has a naturally denser and darker green blade.
    Mole cricket non-preference, which means the pests will eat it, but will eat other grass varieties nearby first. TifGrand was developed by scientists Dr. Wayne Hanna and Dr. Kris Braman and the University of Georgia’s turfgrass breeding program.

  5. Katie

    @ Jesse – doesn’t TifGrand sound like the perfect sod for Arizona? I’m so glad I found it, you should order some too!

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