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Phoenix Landscaping: Backyard Getaway Patio Designs

Sometimes the house with impediments in the landscape can be the perfect property to create a highly unusual setting. A private resort like the garden of earthly delights, tucked away just outside your Phoenix home in the form of the most fantastic backyard getaway. Patio designs need not be huge to create the most wonderful outdoor rooms. Some of the greatest backyard landscape designs are found in a series of cozy area experiences.

To truly allow you to relax and unwind, you will want your backyard escape landscape design in Phoenix to be extremely low maintenance, yet include the softening effect and contrast of beautiful plants. This adds the element of earth, a basic essential for balance in the human psyche.

Water in itself presented in the swimming pool is a definite requirement to enjoying the desert summer hours outdoors. Adding the cascading water of tumbling waterfalls to Phoenix patios and landscape design introduces the essential element of serotonin, raw and freely available in the now electrically charged air. You can only enjoy sizable waterfalls when your Arizona property provides the terrain to make a natural looking water feature that blends with the rugged landscape.

This particular backyard escape patio design places the availability of serotonin from the waterfalls in close proximity to the soothing hot tub, the outdoor kitchen beneath a gorgeous and rough hewn ramada and also the swimming pool.

By day or under the Arizona stars, all of the basic essentials of life await these Phoenix homeowners right outside their backdoor. Their landscape designer in Phoenix has given them earth, water, air and fire. Not just in their outdoor BBQ design, but with an outdoor fireplace in the beehive design tucked in right next to the waterfalls.

The area of the patio design may be small, but the ambiance of earthly delights is huge in this particular difficult site situation. Aromatic plants placed close to the outdoor kitchen and outdoor fireplace space provides aroma therapy throughout the warm season. Their purple blooms made more intense with the addition of the vivid masonry wall at the other side of the patio. Set amid tumbling rocks and notched into the hillside, the innovations of this Phoenix landscape design create the perfect intimate place to absorb the serotonin from the waterfalls along with the essential of the four elements. The effect is a jewel of an oasis, hidden away in the arid Arizona landscape, the perfect place to escape and restore peace of mind.