Red Tropical Hibiscus tree bloom

Phoenix Landscaping: Lush Tropical Beauty

Enjoying the brilliant color of flowering plants in your yard is possible most of the year in this area of Arizona. The massive blooms of Hibiscus rosa-sinensis are a treat that continues to produce fresh blooms constantly during warm and hot weather.

More commonly known as Tropical Hibiscus, including this into shrub or tree in the design for your Phoenix yard or garden will add a lot of interest. Don’t worry about our occasional frost in winter harming Hibiscus, they are perfectly hardy in Phoenix landscaping.

The dark green foliage of Tropical Hibiscus is usually large, but always dark green and glossy. As a texture in your Phoenix landscape design, that stands out well against many of our ornamental plants.

Available in a wide range of bloom colors, you will be able to add the lushness of huge HibiscusPeach Tropical Hibiscus flowers to your Phoenix landscaping. The plant is offered in both a tree form and a bush form. The best choice is the tree form for conserving space in small yards. This allows you to enjoy lower growing plants around the beauty of this small landscape tree while keeping a more open feeling to your Phoenix landscape design. Placing this marvelous long flowering plant where you can enjoy it daily from the patio and out the window is highly recommended.

Hibscus for Phoenix landscaping will mature to about 15 feet tall. You can shear the shrub form of the large plants into a hedge shape, but the blooms are formed at the tips of the branches. Shearing at the wrong time of year will mean a loss of flowering. It is best to select a place in your yard that it can grow unhampered into its natural glory.

Yellow Tropical HibiscusThe soil will need to be amended with moisture holding materials for best results growing Hibisus in your yard or outdoor living room. You need good drainage and ample compost for best vigor. Summer heat will be no issue at all, even in afternoon sun with good moisture practices. In dry conditions, Phoenix landscaping use of Hibiscus is best in the shade. This will result in very few blooms, so an after soon placement will give the most color and beauty when using the Tropical Hibiscus in Phoenix landscape design.

Watering in summer is needed more often than in the winter when the Hibiscus will be almost dormant. Too much water applied in winter can cause problems for this plant in your Phoenix landscaping. To get the irrigation adjust right you can consult with your landscaper or water it with the grass in summer and your citrus plants in winter. The blooms may only last a day, but you will have stunning color from lush tropical beauty in Phoenix as new ones constantly appear. A spring through fall source of fabulous color for your Phoenix landscape design.