Pavers in Phoenix from Desert Crest LLC

Phoenix Landscaping: Paver Stones Perfection

No maintenance is what every homeowner wants to hear. That is just one of the smart landscape design improvements that pavers provide any home in Phoenix. You will love the look of your timelessly gorgeous new driveway, patio or pool deck. The only pavement in the world that can look so good and remain solid for up to 100 years. You certainly can’t say that about poured concrete!

The strongest pavement known to man, yet paving stones are beautiful and add market value to your Arizona home. Paving stones are four times stronger than bland old concrete surfaces. There are city streets, lanes and courtyard all over Europe built from this incredibly long lasting, and strong paving system that are almost 100 years old and still in great shape. Driveway pavers will never fade or need resurfacing baking for decades on end beneath the Arizona sun.

Due to their stunning good looks and excellent reputation for never needing repair or refinishing, paver stones installed for any use in your Phoenix landscaping will instantly increase your property’s curb appeal and market value. Unlike clay pavers, paving stones will never flake and erode with passing time. Tough as nails and long on looks, it is almost impossible to destroy pavers. Compared to the cost of maintaining all other heavy duty type of paving, paving stones are the least costly per square foot. All that resealing and resurfacing adds up over the span of years and decades.

Pavers in Phoenix,will always be best investment  for your home. The special mortarless installation procedure locks the entire surface of paving stones driveways, patios and pool decks securely in place. There is never a chance of cracking, sinking, heaving, separating or shifting due to the interlocking joint sand and compaction used to install them. It’s pretty surprising that something this beautiful could be so utilitarian in strength, but that’s exactly what you get from this special paving material.

You will love the colors of paving stones available to match the Southwestern style and color of your Arizona home. Due to the versatile patterns that pavers can be laid in, they make it possible to enjoy unique textures and high interest. Adding them to your Phoenix landscape design provides a welcoming driveway, sidewalk to greet visitors. For courtyard flooring and in your outdoor living rooms, they remain low maintenance in sun or shade and in every climate. Professionally installed paving stones are a smart investment for any home or commercial property today.