Gorgeous, vibrant color for shade in your Phoenix landscaping from Shrimp Plant.

Phoenix Landscaping: Plants for the Shade

Most landscaping plants that do well in the Phoenix area are those that like full sun. Beneath your ramada or under layered shade trees, you will no doubt need lovely plants that do well with very little sun at all. For light shade, where little sun is present part of the day, you will be fine growing full sun plants because even they will be more robust and flower heavier with a little relief from that relentless heat. Beyond a couple of hours of shade a day, your planting success will be much higher if you use plants for shade.

Ground cover is important to halting erosion problems from wind and rain, so making sure you have your soil protected from disappearing is essential for Phoenix landscaping. Low growing plants like ferns make great shade plants. You will find that many kinds of ferns are native to Arizona. Ornamental selections like Lady Fern and Asparagus Fern will be a lovely addition to the ground cover in your outdoor living spaces.

Other forms of this hardy perennial will also adapt to your Arizona landscaping conditions once they have established. Perennial Geraniums such as the small mounded form known as Alpine Geranium is an excellent addition to your shade plantings outside the Phoenix home. You’ll also be able to add Scented Geraniums to the low ground cover plantings around your courtyard seating and patio ramada for a little zip to the breeze. Grasses that do well in shadier spots in your Phoenix yard will be those from the Muhlenbergia family. These are available with pink and white color from the fancy seed heads.

Aloes and Agave of many types are excellent choices for shady spots in your Phoenix landscape design. You will enjoy color of blooms from Yellow Columbine, Begonias, Evening Primrose, Salvia coccinea and Gaura. Fabulous night blooms from Cereus and vibrant red accents from Shrimp Plant should not be overlooked. There are really a great many more plants for shady area beauty than many Phoenix homeowners know about.

Sago Palm is an excellent shade to part shade plant for more height. This prehistoric member of the Cycad family loves good drainage and sandier soils, making it a wonderful plant that is very low maintenance for your Phoenix landscaping. The Sago Palm’s foliage texture is a great contrast with many different types of ornamental plants that do well in the Arizona climate and soils. Boxwood is another great selection for these spots in your yard too.

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