Enjoyable outdoor living spaces have easy access to essentials like the kitchen and bathroom. Here the perfect solution was provided with a raised patio.

Phoenix Landscaping Retaining Walls In Patio Design

Once upon a time there was only a small covered deck outside the kitchen of this large Arizona home. The builder’s idea of an outdoor eating space was cramped at best and suitable only for family meals. Entertaining larger groups was troublesome. A long set of steps separated enjoyable outdoor living space and essentials like the refrigerator and bathroom. Definitely not a party-friendly situation.

The homeowners love to cook too, and the previous porch would never have allowed them to do much gourmet grilling. Most certainly it was not about to house the outdoor kitchen they wanted. Faced with a split-level arrangement for their outdoor living space’s design, the choice was obvious for them – a raised patio was the solution.

Phoenix landscaping retaining walls of this height require some serious engineering. So much earth behind it creates a lot of pressure against a wall. Add the weight of a huge patio on the summit and the project becomes far more involved than you might first assume. To break up the soaring wall on the lawn side, we added a raised planter for shrubs. Once the new plants start growing and filling, the long expanse of white retainer walls will be softened a great deal.

The stone paver patio is quite large. It has ample space for quite a few guests and a wide array of patio furniture. Flanking the safety railing on the patio’s edge is another planting space to add greenery and interest to this large outdoor living space’s list of attributes.

Adjacent from the kitchen is a good sized and fully equipped outdoor kitchen. Outfitted with everything you need to whip up a feast, the gas grill is accompanied by two cooktops, a copper farm sink and a smoker too. Naturally it has a bar area close to the grill for relaxing between flipping, stirring and what have you.

No matter how challenging getting from what you have to what you want may seem, a call to Desert Crest at 623-780-8900 can provide you with the perfect solution. We are more than just landscapers. As a licensed General Contractor, anything under the sun is possible in your yard.