Cut stone sidewalks - an artistic approach to Phoenix homes.

Phoenix Landscaping: The Art of Approach

While it is important to have good overall curb appeal, the feeling of welcome and beauty should increase the closer a visitor draws to your door. The art of approach in Phoenix landscape design is far more than having the right selection and placement of plants. Consider your front yard, or any part of your landscape, as you would a room inside your home. The closer you get to the front door, you should imagine people entering an outdoor foyer by following the sidewalk.

An artistically designed outdoor foyer doesn’t begin at the front door; it should present a direct route to the entry in a most pleasant way. You have a ceiling formed by the sky, walls created by your house and plantings along with flooring. Outdoor flooring can be stone cover so popular in xeriscape, lawn and mulched bed cover, but also includes the pavement type used for Phoenix sidewalks. In the public area of your front yard and outdoor foyer, it is the sidewalk that makes the most important flooring.

Phoenix sidewalks can be constructed with your choice of paving materials, though cut natural stone sidewalks are

Exposed aggregate sidewalks offer good landscape design texture.
Budget wise exposed aggregate sidewalks offer good landscape design texture.

far more preferable to Arizona flagstone. Plain old poured concrete is utilitarian and very unimaginative. The better choice for your sidewalk approach to the front door would be a more creative method of aggregate finishing for better textural interest, pavers or cut stone paving.

Many times, the art of approach is left unfinished in Phoenix landscape design with nothing to soften the hardscape element of sidewalks. Plant textures, the softness of their greenery and even tasteful use of sculptural pieces create more appeal to welcoming guests to your home. From the curb, paying attention to these details will easily direct new visitors immediately to the front door. Pheonix sidewalks aren’t highways; selecting the materials used in this part of your landscaping should be treated with as much care in as you would the colors in the area rug just inside the front door.

Paver sidewalks are less costly than natural stone sidewalks, yet each holds great value in enriching the effect of your landscape design. The coloring in the overall look of a finished paving stone installation will be more subtle than the more variable tones of cut natural stone tiles. Some Phoenix homeowners will prefer their front sidewalk to be more in the background than natural stone walks would be. For some Arizona homes, paver sidewalks may not be the right accent to the house’s architecture.

Studying photos of the different paving styles in actual finished projects is the best way to know you have the right Desert Crest LLC logolook in sidewalks to compliment your Arizona home. Framing Phoenix sidewalks adds focal points of interest and beauty to enhance the overall view and experience that welcomes and entices all who approach the door.