As a structure, Phoenix outdoor fireplaces can add great features to patio designs and uses.

Phoenix Outdoor Fireplaces Have Many Functions

Making the most of Arizona outdoor living spaces adds so much to home and entertainment possibilities. Custom Phoenix outdoor fireplaces can function as more than one element on your patio.

Sure, its a fireplace, but it can become so much more with planning and foresight. Naturally for most homeowners around Pheonix, patios are a big part of both backyard activities and the landscaping. The questoin is, where do you place this large hardscape element and what else do you want it to give you besides ambiance and warmth on a chilly evening?

As in the backyard pictured above, by adding flanking seat walls, this outdoor fireplace’s function takes on two more assets. First, it separates the children’s play area from the patio, yet offers unobstructed vision for parents who need to keep a watchful eye. With such a design, depending on placement such a fireplace design can create the feeling of different rooms in outdoor living spaces without closing off one area from another.

Secondly, by adding expansive seating on each side of the fireplace itself, the patio is always equipped for large gatherings. Were you to place a similar design in the middle between the patio and pool deck and have it open on both sides, your outdoor fireplace’s appeal increases. It can also have a taller back on the seat wall and create more privacy and seclusion from adjoining neighbor’s backyards.

Naturally, where you place it and how much of a seat wall one can add to it is dependent on available space and how you envision using your outdoor living space. The backyard in the photo above is quite small, with most of it taken up by the patio and built in gas grill’s space. Both the children and adults have ample room for all their favorite activities and the stone and stucco fireplace structure keeps the view from the house elegant, though there are toys in the play area just beyond.

For some patio designs, the fireplace is added after the patio is built. For others, both patio and fire feature are all one project. This too can dictate where you will place such a backyard element. Working with stucco and stone masonry, allows just about any combination of colors and textures, making it easy to coordinate Phoenix outdoor fireplaces with the house and patio surface – no matter if you’re adding on or doing it all at once.  Additionally, custom fireplace designs give you so many options in shape, size and extra functions.