Getting the most from Arizona outdoor living spaces is easy with fully equipped Phoenix outdoor kitchens by Desert Crest.

Phoenix Outdoor Kitchens & Outdoor Living Spaces

There’s nothing quite like fully functional outdoor living spaces in this part of Arizona. Whether you’re enjoying some quiet time together, spending quality time with family or entertaining friends, Phoenix outdoor kitchens, patios and pools create a strong nucleus  for a home.

A few years ago, we built an outdoor living room for this client, complete with weather-proof TV beneath a tile roof ramada. The outdoor fireplace’s design here is much like you would find inside in the living room or family room with a mantle and wall hung mirror. As is often the case though, the homeowners soon decided that just relaxing outdoors wasn’t enough. Something really important was missing. In this case, it was food grilled to perfection in the open air.

Enjoy the fresh air with great Phoenix outdoor living spaces designed beneath shady ramadas.While many Phoenix landscape design companies deal with mostly pavers and plants, Desert Crest is a licensed Arizona general contractor, capable of complete construction projects. Adding an outdoor kitchen addition to the already present outdoor living space’s enclosure is something the client knew we were qualified to do and wasted no time in setting the wheels in motion to extend the usefulness of their backyard living area. What they wanted was a fully equipped outdoor culinary creation area and that’s exactly what they have today.

Phoenix outdoor kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, but the ultimate configuration offers you far more than built in gas grills under a shaded roof. Here we have both a food prep refrigerator and one for cold drinks, as well as lots of cabinet space for cooking, serving and eating utensils. To the left of the built in Catch the breeze beyond the reach of the sun beneath Phoenix ramadas that create instant shade for outdoor kitchens.grill is an outdoor cook top and a fully functional sink for access to water on the fly and quick cleanup. The marble tile counter top is impervious to stains from both grease splatters and spills. It offers tons of space for food preparation and serving in this particular design.

All in all, as outdoor living spaces go, this homeowner’s backyard is now a fully functional haven and a beautiful gathering spot with both outdoor living room and kitchen shaded from the desert sun, yet open to the breeze. The dining area is separated only by the fireplace wall from their Phoenix outdoor kitchen’s cooking and serving space. Both are easily accessed without venturing out into the hot sun, as well as from the interior of the house. Both structures match the home both in the tile roofing and the stucco masonry. In fact, you can’t really tell that either of these outdoor rooms was added onto the home.

Fluid paving of Mexican clay tiles stretches from the pool deck’s area to the rest of the outdoor living space. The ramadas and backyard landscaping are all part of the overall enchantment that was once just an average backyard for the Phoenix area. Now it’s the mecca for both the residents and their friends, a place to retire to for many enjoyable hours over most of the year.

The perfect shelter for your outdoor living spaces, custom built Phoenix ramadas by Desert Crest.