Phoenix pavers are just the start of great outdoor living spaces designed for entertaining and relaxing at home.

Phoenix Patio Designs for Entertaining

Unless you were born here, our 300 days of sunshine every year has a lot to do with why people move to Arizona. It’s also why having a Phoenix home with a patio is important to most homeowners. Except for the few chilly weeks we have in winter, the bright days and ambient nights make outdoor living spaces more valuable here than many areas of the country. Naturally, the most desirable Phoenix patio design is spacious enough to allow for room to enjoy the outdoor room in a myriad of ways.

Whether you opt for a wood deck, or a concrete paver or natural stone patio, the improvement adds instant value to any home. Due to the low maintenance and long lasting beauty of pavers, most people prefer to have their Phoenix patio designs constructed of this material. Composite decks cost almost as much as pavers, and are known to have issues like warping. Wood decks are decidedly less expensive but require annual maintenance and extensive repair in the future as wood deteriorates and needs replacing. Flagstone and stone paving tile patios are equally as beautiful, but will generally be higher priced than a paver patio.

Adding a gas grill to the patio is a must for any homeowner. It’s part of our cuisine and adds an asset to our entertaining of friends and family. The trend of built in gas grills as opposed to a portable one continues to grow, and for good reason. Slip in grills are far better quality than anything you can buy on wheels today. It’s a big plus for outdoor grilling and dining to have food preparation and serving space right next to the grill, making the usefulness of a built in unit so much more too.

Naturally, with patios designed for entertaining, a bar area is common and many times part of the built in grill structure. This makes outdoor cooking much more enjoyable, with guests and chef all in the same space. Keeping the costs of having patios installed that allow for comforts like shade from the sun, many people turn to large umbrellas as opposed to the cost of pergolas or ramadas. Well placed lighting and outdoor refrigerators are in big demand for owners of modestly priced homes and in very affluent communities.

There’s nothing quite like an evening spent in great company that is shared around the dancing flames. While adding outdoor fireplaces to patio designs isn’t always possible for sticking to the budget, the outdoor fire pit fits most people needs at a lower cost.

In this particular entertainment-centric patio design, the bar area, cooking and serving space and the fire pit are conveniently located for easy access and flow from one activity to another.