For anyone in the area around Phoenix, pool landscaping and great looking pool decks are important.

Phoenix Pavers – Awesome Pool Decks

The swimming pool is definitely a most important feature in backyard landscaping for anyone living in Arizona. For homeowners around Phoenix, pavers used for the patio and pool decks many times merge into one continuous expanse, due to today’s smaller residential properties space limitations. The result is low maintenance pool landscaping that is mainly comprised of paving stones or natural stone tiling that provides instant flow for family use and more entertainment area.

Naturally, adding softscaping with easy to care for and drought tolerant desert plants is important to the ambiance of Phoenix pool landscaping. Without the lovely texture and greenery, your outdoor living spaces lack the depth and warmth they need. Colorful flowers are also very popular for adding vibrancy and accenting both the planting and the natural stone work or pavers used for the hardscaping.

Pool decks with natural stone paving are beautiful, but it is important to make sure the stone type selected will not be slippery when wet. For this reason, travertine stone tiles are often seen in pool deck design around Phoenix and Scottsdale. Unlike Arizona flagstone, the surface of travertine tiling is smooth and flat, along with not being slippery when wet due to its somewhat porous composition. Additionally, for pool decks, this stone is light and heat reflective allowing for far more comfort in walking around in your bare feet in the heat of summer.

Pool landscaping for many homeowners in the Scottsdale and Phoenix areas also includes swimming pool fountains and waterfalls. Blending Phoenix pavers for pool decks with natural stone wall fountains in a complimenting blend or even contrasting range of hues can create some stunning outdoor living spaces. Like all other backyard landscaping features, swimming pool fountains can be custom designed to suit your vision of what will be awesome. The addition of running water adds more than just visual aesthetics too. It helps to cool the air, supplies energized ions that are naturally soothing and relaxing, along with increasing the available moisture in the air around your pool.

The days of utilitarian plain concrete pool decks is definitely over. Desert Crest now designs and installs pool landscaping that features either Phoenix pavers or natural stone paving all around this area of Arizona. We see more and more homeowners requesting swimming pool fountains or waterfalls with added drama from lighting. This makes the most of including the pool in your overall backyard landscaping and outdoor living patio, especially when you place a shady ramada or pergola in a prominent spot.