This unique custom patio design feature by Desert Crest gives the homeowner both a Phoenix outdoor pizza oven and wood burning fireplace too.

Phoenix Pizza Oven – Fireplace Combo Completed

We’ve been working in this backyard for weeks, beginning with the demolition and removal of a built-in swimming pool. Things were coming together nicely last week as you saw this somewhat controversial Phoenix pizza oven on top of an outdoor fireplace really starting to take shape.

You might wonder what is so controversial about such a project. Well, it seems that this is a first, a one-of-a-kind in the Phoenix – Scottsdale area , let alone the state of Arizona. If what we have discovered looking around the internet is true, then you might have to go as far as Japan to find such a patio design feature in place that allows a wood burning fire in both the pizza oven and the fireplace below. ¬†We weren’t on a course to break records, do the undoable, or even to prove a point. Desert Crest simply did what was necessary to make out client’s dreams come true. Still, unless someone steps forward and corrects us, our latest design challenge is something remarkable indeed. Everyone else uses an insert or kit and gives you your choice of outdoor fireplaces or pizza ovens… never both in one unit.

Here you see the finished outdoor living space’s focal point. The Autumn Blend natural stone veneer and pizza oven door is in place. The pavers used in this Phoenix patio design are Native Blend which is a beautiful companion to the local stone colors on the outdoor fireplace’s structural face. The large planters are a great accent and are outfitted with rear drainage to keep water seepage from damaging the beauty of the flagstone capping.

Also included in this particular Phoenix landscape design are some great desert living plants and an old world style outdoor fountain. Plant material used in this backyard are pigmy date palm, plumbago, little johns shrub, and elephant food. Newly installed trees used are green elm and fantex ash tree.

Radical, as backyard makeovers go, this landscape remodeling job has completely changed the view from the windows for this homeowner. It’s also put a whole new twist on outdoor living space uses for them. Rather than having a swimming pool as the total focal point, they now have plantings that will mature into highly attractive spaces. There are a variety of companies who can build pizza ovens and outdoor fireplaces. Phoenix area landscaper, Desert Crest however, can custom build it all in one wood burning unit.The water feature adds layers of sound and ambiance without taking over the area. The pizza oven over outdoor fireplace combination though is an asset no matter which way you look at it.

All they need now is the right patio furniture to fit this new patio design’s outdoor living spaces. For this homeowner, its a whole new world in backyard living, custom designed to their needs by Desert Crest.