Wide open desert is an awesome extension of your backyard landscaping. Phoenix landscape design by Desert Crest gives you so much more.

Phoenix Xeriscaping: Accenting the Open Desert

At times, working with nature is an asset that is hard to beat. The open desert has a grandeur that is impossible to duplicate with your Phoenix xeriscaping. Perhaps it’s best that man cannot truly mimic the natural world since we have a penchant for trying to control everything. Mother Nature on the other hand is beyond control, but many times in the most beautiful way.

When your backyard landscaping is in a situation much like this one, rather than trying to one up the wide open wild spaces, a more appropriate look is to echo nature. Why block out the Arizona native landscape when you have a view like this one beyond your boundaries? The scenery here is sensational in its own right and rather than create a contrived setting inside the masonry walls, we chose to use xeriscape plants in a layout that echoes the beauty of the natural desert.

Landscape design was always meant to create spaces that would blend into the surrounding countryside. Here the selected plants in the landscape design may not reflect or mirror those beyond the backyard walls, but they definitely pick up the vibes of our natural Arizona plants. Some of them are natives to the valley landscape at large.

This Phoenix xeriscaped backyard is a stunning, yet super low maintenance space. Getting the most enjoyment out of your outdoor living time means not having to do a lot of yard work. At the same time, your Phoenix landscape design needs to provide you with colorful blooms and interesting foliage or texture. This has been accomplished here around the paver patio and pool deck’s periphery while still maintaining the focal point beauty of the wild desert just beyond the walls.

Landscaping Phoenix, that is well planned can turn a boring backyard into one that is exciting and full featured. Besides a paver patio and pool deck, this project also included a built in grill with entertainment bar. For relaxing alone or with friends, the basics are surrounded here with exceptional beauty both natural and in controlled landscape features.