Travertine pavers are timelessly beautiful, and fit all of today's Arizona architectural styles.

Pool Decks: Backyard Landscaping In Phoenix

It doesn’t matter if your home is newly built or you are in a remodeling phase, backyard landscaping in Phoenix and swimming pools go hand in hand. For some area homeowners, replacing their pool deck is the focus. For others getting the right look on that new pool is how the project is approached. No matter which side of the situation you are on, travertine pavers create sensational pool decks. Phoenix home values gain great perks when this lovely stone paving is used for any type of foot traffic installation.

At first glance, one might think that this recently completed project is going to be high maintenance for the homeowner. All that lush green grass will cost a fortune to water, mow and worst of all end up in the spa and pool. This couldn’t be farther from the real situation. All that green looks great and requires none of the above. It is synthetic grass, yet provides an excellent soft walking surface and the perfect contrast to this Phoenix pool deck’s pavers.

Travertine paving stones come in a variety of colors and are most commonly seen installed with only a large rectangle block used in the laying pattern. To blend with that gorgeous new pool, here we used Walnut Travertine. This Phoenix pool deck’s also created with a blend of block┬ásizes and shapes. The result has more depth and interest from the paved surface than is possible with the standard rectangle paver style.

Stepping stone path set into the synthetic lawn create a visual connection and flow from the patio area to the pool, a major element in any backyard.

Laid out in a formal fashion, the central focus alley created by the pool deck’s curved entrance, the main path leading to it, the outdoor fire pit and the spa beyond that point naturally makes the cascading water feature wall on the far side of the swimming pool a prominent focal point. If it were not visually pointed out like this, much of the emphasis would have been lost. Yes, it was designed to stand out from the rest of the backyard landscaping, but at such a distance would be seen but far less noticeable without the series of elements.

The overall picture here is sleek, elegant and timeless. Backyard landscaping in Phoenix perfect for the modern lifestyle with a hint of Old World flavor found in places like Versailles.