Pool Remodeling: Phoenix Cooler Pools Wear Travertine

Once basically swimming in a sea of cool deck, this recent pool remodeling project totally altered the aura of this backyard. We know there are miles of cool deck installed around the Phoenix area, perhaps enough of it can be found in the country to circle the world a time or two. Its a material that has well… lost its cool and ceases to do much for many an Arizona home’s outdoor living aesthetic appeal. A driveway has no business in the backyard.

You’ve got a number of options for replacing pool decks. Phoenix and Scottsdale enjoys a basically frost-free climate, sure it could settle on the plants, but it never sinks into the ground. The absence of freeze and thaw beneath the surface of the ground is what gives you the exciting choices in materials for decking that would never hold up elsewhere. While pavers will sail through any climatic condition beautifully, natural stone paving like the Travertine used here gives you a unique warmth and beauty.

Naturally, its important with such an expanse of a single material to have it look great with your home, the privacy wall if you have one, and the portions of the original pool design that will remain. Pool remodeling, Phoenix doesn’t always mean a complete renovation. The condition of the coping band and the homeowner’s budget can be deciding factors on how extensive the makeover is. The same is true of the decorative border between the pool wall proper and the coping edge. Some homeowners wish a completely different material be used here and others leave it as it is.

The attraction to Travertine is that no two stone pavers are ever alike. It comes in a wide array of colors from almost white to deep brown. The coloring of this stone is dependent on where it was formed. There are quarries scattered all over the globe, so the cost of different types is directly related to how far it has been shipped. This color we’ve installed here is most commonly seen in our region. It is plentiful in supply and most reasonably priced, because it is harvested not far away in Mexico.

Even when working with a named color of this stone, there are wide variations on light and dark streaks and swirls that run through each pallet. This gives your pool deck and patio far more interest and depth than using pavers, though both are very popular and create smart looking outdoor living spaces. For some homeowners, deciding which way to go with paving isn’t easy.

Keeping small children safe from the water can also become an issue as a family grows. Adding a great looking iron fence to separate the poolside from the patio is the solution for breathing easily again and enjoying a more relaxing time outside at home. This pool remodeling project included that addition as well as replacing cool decking.

The coloring of Travertine from Mexico is light enough to reflect the sun’s heat and yet warm enough to add a boost of charm into any backyard. For pool remodeling, Phoenix area and Scottsdale residents can transform an outdated and bland swimming pool or patio into something really exciting simply by giving us a call. Desert Crest is a full service landscaping company.