Say goodbye to bland and blinding white cool decking! Beautiful, colorful travertine tile is an excellent Scottsdale - Phoenix pool remodel choice instead.

Project New Dimensions: Phoenix Pool Remodel

It really doesn’t do this project justice to put the finished sensational look this backyard landscaping now has first. If we showed you what was there before thought, its doubtful you would have been interested in looking past the picture of a white house with white Kool Deck and little else to create any interest or contrast. Bland it was and as you can see, after our Phoenix pool remodel service was completed, the entire home takes on totally new dimensions and the outdoor living space’s personality has taken on a whole new twist.

There are many pools in Scottsdale, the Northwest Valley and Phoenix with inexpensive and outdated cool decking around them. Granted if the home wasn’t white, the entire area might be a lot more attractive, but in this particular case, that isn’t the way things are. The result is that this Phoenix pool deck’s got no aesthetic value, regardless of the constant maintenance needed with this type of pool decking surface. We do hope that in a couple of decades or so, this style of pool deck doesn’t find a following in the retro design scene. Surely, there are far better looking past styles than this bland appearance.

Getting rid of all that cool decking was the smartest thing these homeowners could have done in adding color, dimension and beauty to their small area backyard landscaping. Additionally, the pool is also now far more attractive and beckoning that it was before we began work on this pool remodeling. Phoenix and Scottsdale area homeowners steadily grow in numbers of those who are updating to a stronger, more colorful alternative to pool decking over those that continue to resurface the Kool Deck pool decks and ignore the cracks that are never hidden after repair. A lot of new products and If your pool and backyard is taken over by high maintenance, bland and blinding white cool deck, you're probably wishing for a Phoenix pool remodel.innovations have taken place since they invented Kool Deck in 1962. That was 50 years ago, and well, pool landscaping and materials available for pool decks have changed dramatically since then.

The new look for this Phoenix pool remodel is travertine stone pavers that add tons of warmth to the outdoor living space’s appeal and make the house and pool deck take on their own personalities. All in all, it was a change that was long overdue. Now the home is smart looking again and the pool… well it’s sensational. There’s not a lot of room for in ground pool landscaping in this small backyard. Here the interest comes from potted plants and the wild beauty of natural lands that stretch out beyond the backyard fence. Sometimes that is the most beautiful setting of all, and in this instance, it would be hard to recreate the interest of the natural boulders that the pool and patio area look out on.