Perfect for Phoenix tp Paradise Valley landscaping where fast growing, long blooming cover is needed.

Rambunctious Beauty for Paradise Valley Landscaping

For covering a fence or softening walls of enclosures, you’ll find this lovely vine an excellent candidate for properties from Phoenix to Paradise Valley. Landscaping plants that need very little water once established are always welcome in this region of Arizona. Landscape design uses for the drought loving Coral Vine give you months of colorful beauty in bloom.

The proper name for this xeriscaping landscaping vine is ‘Antigonon leptopus‘. It is a native of sandy to rocky soils of Mexico, which easily translates to an excellent selection for use in Arizona landscaping.

Even without the blooms, the large heart shaped leaves give you lovely texture and presence in the earlier part of the season. Coral vine, or Queen’s Wreath as it is sometimes called, will abundantly deliver many graceful draping flower stems from mid-summer through fall. ¬†While it may be tempting to locate this climber to add a romantic touch to your trellis ramada or pergola, if you’re afraid of bees, it might be best to admire it for a bit more distance. Bees adore the blossoms as much as people do.

There aren’t that many xeriscaping landscaping vines that will deal with the temperature of a block wall in our summers, yet this one handles it with great pleasure. It seems to really love the extra heat, making it a great solution for softening courtyard walls and privacy walls around the backyard or outdoor living space patios.

Antigonon leptopus will quickly soar to 30-40 feet long when planted in full sun to light shade, though the more direct sunlight it receives, the more blooming beauty you will have to enjoy. During the warmer months, after the roots are well established in the soil of Phoenix and Paradise Valley landscaping, you need only water the plant once a month. It actually prefers that the soil become somewhat dry between waterings. In the winter, Coral Vine only needs to be watered frequently enough to keep the dark green leaves from wilting.

A stunning plant that gives so much blooming color and grace to a variety of locations in your Paradise Valley landscape design, wherever you have superb drainage. The soil, if having too much clay content can be amended to give the vine the right situation to do well in your yard.