By day or night, waterfalls water features are the perfect compliment to relaxing and entertaining at home.

Relaxing Elements in Phoenix Outdoor Living Spaces

Having a patio adds a totally new dimension to the concept of home. One really can’t call a full featured design like we have available today a patio, for it is really much more than that. The patio is really just the paving, the feature elements we add turn these backyard places into what can only be known as Phoenix outdoor living spaces.

There are so many different elements these days that we can add to enrich and beautify these exterior rooms. For some homeowners in the Scottsdale – Phoenix area, water features are preferred to be part of the swimming pool and double as a fountain. Others have no pool in the backyard, and for them the addition of waterfalls or outdoor water fountains are highly sought after elements to be worked into the space or its surrounding planting areas.

Like all other parts of this particular area of Phoenix landscape design, water features can take on any style at all. They can be rustic or very contemporary, built of natural materials or from glass and steel. Its all a matter of taste preferences from yard to yard. A true waterfall would obviously be built of rocks as it would be in nature, other materials would be classed more as fountains.

Against the backdrop of the untamed desert landscape, natural rocks and stone seem the perfect choice of material for waterfalls to harmonize the distant view with the outdoor living space’s overall appeal. They do, without a doubt, create the perfect accent to plants of any kind and easily fit into any backyard landscape design theme.

The use of natural rocks also allows a totally customized waterfalls design not possible with any prefabricated or molded pieces. They can take on any shape or size the homeowner desires and the available spaces allow. For most, a small waterfalls tucked into a corner near the seating area is preferred. As most Phoenix landscapers will tell you, this gives you an affordable water feature that will be very easy to care for and the lowest maintenance. They also make a great deal of sense, as they use very low volumes of water to run, yet no amount of ambiance is sacrificed.

Adding simple night lighting to waterfalls in outdoor living spaces is an excellent idea. Water features that are lit at night add a unique visual accent for relaxing and entertaining.