Saving Money on your Desert Landscaping: Arizona Landscape Tips

Low maintenance beauty in Arizona landscapes and gardens starts with plant health. All plants have certain requirements, that if met allows the shrubs, trees, flowering vines and lawn grasses to be of the very best health and vigor. When your Phoenix landscaping and garden plants are at their best, not only are they more beautiful and lush, but you will save money on maintaining your Arizona yard.

If plants could communicate verbally, you would have a far easier time understanding what they need. Since they can’t converse, most people fail to understand what their actual requirements are. The truth is that stressed out plants and those suffering from malnutrition are a large part of unnecessary landscape maintenance expenses.

You can actually save money by making sure that you have allowed your Arizona landscaping the ability to remain in picture perfect health. Just as a sickly person needs medicine or increased health care to remain alive, a plant in a state of reduced vigor will have far more requirements than one that is in good health.

Just because you have desert landscaping or xeriscape in your yard, doesn’t mean you can just stick in a few cacti and ornamental grasses and nature will take care of them just fine. There are three things that beautiful landscaping must have in order to be low maintenance and save you money.

  • Proper soil conditions.
  • Adequate moisture.
  • A well balanced diet of nutrients.

Even when you have a professional landscape design done, if the soil conditions aren’t right where you install any plant known to do well in Arizona, it isn’t going to reward you with beauty. Sandy soil and clay soil exist in different areas; you can have varying soil conditions all over your yard in Phoenix. Xeriscape design will only thrive in a spot that is sandy – you must amend the soil to retain moisture for the plants you will place there. If you want desert plants to look lovely where there is clay soil, the soil must be amended to promote drainage. The same is true when you have tropical landscaping in your yard.

You will waste a great deal of money on water when you desert landscaping planted in sandy soil and keep it looking good. Planting desert plants in clay will most likely cause you to have to replace plants after some heavy rains or from watering more often trying to battle the sandy spots that are drying out too fast. Plants that adapt well to Phoenix climate conditions need good drainage, or the roots will begin to rot.

Poor soil conditions weaken plant’s immune systems making them susceptible to disease and even pest infestation. Low maintenance landscaping plants are far less costly to care for when the soil conditions your plant them in present the opportunity to maintain good health and pest or disease resistance. This reduces the amount of treatments for plant problems in all areas of the country, even here in the desert region of Arizona.

It is important that even drought tolerant plants not become stressed due to excessive, continual dryness. The next step in saving money on Phoenix landscape maintenance involves moisture and irrigation. In the next post here from Desert Crest, you’ll learn all about Step #3 in reducing your landscape expenses, the easy way.