Saving Money on your Phoenix Landscaping: Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems

Low maintenance xeriscape landscaping costs many homeowners in greater Phoenix far more money than it should to maintain a beautiful yard. Your plants need more than just the right soil conditions. Here in the arid climate of Arizona, landscaping needs assistance to get the necessary amount of moisture to be lush and flourish. The rock and stones in your desert landscaping are the only part of your landscape design that doesn’t require a balanced diet of the right nutrients and a small, but steady amount of water.

Plants, like people, require some source of hydration. How well do you perform if you are dying of thirst? While many plants that adapt well to the growing conditions in Arizona, to do well and be low maintenance as well as remain of ornamental quality, you must supply them with low amounts of water. Many homeowners do not water regularly or over water their desert landscaping. Both too much water and not enough water are going to raise the expense amount you are investing into your Phoenix landscaping. Over watering not only raises your water bill and wastes our precious resource of fresh water; many xeriscape plants become weakened and prone to disease or even death from too much moisture. This is especially true if your soil conditions were not amended from Arizona clay to provide better drainage.

Unlike having a lush green lawn, xeriscape landscaping plantings do not need sprinkler heads to provide overhead water. Unless you have live turf in your yard, this is the most wasteful and inappropriate way to provide irrigation to Phoenix landscaping, as well as all other areas of the country. Sprinkler systems are meant to be assistance to rain. A large portion of the water applied from spray or mist heads is lost to evaporation and surface run off. Drip irrigation is far more effective in reducing your water bill and subsequently the cost of maintaining your landscaping.

The combination of properly amended soil that allows both good moisture retention while providing adequate drainage and drip irrigation that periodically waters the root zones of each member of your desert landscaping is the perfect situation. Desert landscaping or xeriscape, doesn’t mean it needs no water at all unless the rain provides it. Automatic drip irrigation when properly engineered and set to run uses very little water, yet keeps your landscape absolutely at it’s best at all times. Having a professional installed drip irrigation put in your yard by a licensed Phoenix landscaper can be the smartest landscape investment you will make. It will save you a great deal of time, frustration and money over many years of landscape maintenance.

The next step in saving money on landscape maintenance for your Phoenix home, involves providing the right nutrients for the best plant vigor. In the next post from Desert Crest Press, you’ll learn all about Step #4 in reducing your landscape expenses, the easy way.