Saving Money on your Phoenix Landscaping: Plants in Arizona Yards

There are some very simple things that many Arizona homeowners don’t realize will reduce the amount of money needed to keep their Phoenix landscaping lush and beautiful, if done properly. It is a proven fact that plants installed in your yard can increase your annual yard maintenance costs; they can also decrease that expense. Plants in robust health are a large part of the beauty of any Arizona landscaping. The key is to understand three basic things about plants available to homeowners in the greater Phoenix area.

One really important thing to know is that just because a plant is for sale at a garden center in your area, does not necessarily mean it will thrive in your yard. Big box store garden centers, like Home Depot and Wal-Mart, are interested in only one thing … moving merchandise in mass quantities. A strategy that is fine if you are buying flower pots, trellises and hoses. When it comes to living things, you are far better off purchasing plants for your Arizona landscaping from a small area nursery center or a licensed landscape contractor. These people are invested in the community in ways no big box store ever will be, they care about what happens after you pay for that plant.

Big box stores loose nothing if it dies, the nursery that put the plant on their shelves does. You loose your gas to and from the Wal-Mart or Home Depot for two round trips, the time and energy you invested in planting the wrong plant in your yard, the water you used trying to keep it from croaking on you and the labor expended digging it back up and lugging it back to the big box store with your receipt to demand your money back. You saved nothing buying at big discount stores, it probably cost you more in gas, vehicle wear and labor than it was all worth.

You will have far less frustration and way more beauty growing in your yard if you purchase your plants from locally owned greenhouses, garden center nurseries or have them professionally installed by licensed Phoenix landscapers. The longer you play around trying to get things growing well in your xeriscape or tropical landscaping, the longer it will take for your home to be surrounded by beautiful plants that increase your real estate’s value and curb appeal.

The next step in saving money on landscape maintenance in Phoenix area has to do with your property itself. In the next post here at Desert Crest Press, you’ll learn all about Step #2 in reducing your landscape expenses, the easy way.