Arizona landscape design can be filled with beauty and colorful wonder.

Scensational Arizona: Landscaping for Color and Fragrance

Landscaping in Arizona can be quite a challenge. Yet, if you know which plants are easy to deal with, give you months of color and sweeten the air around your Phoenix, Glendale or Cave Creek home… it gets a great deal easier to be happy with your plant selection. Sky Flower or Duranta erecta is one of those fabulous looking plants that you’ll enjoy in your Arizona landscaping for months on end. The color isn’t just present from the flowers. Duranta gives you twice the treat as far as visual excitement goes.

While your Phoenix area home is in an arid, desert climate, you can without a huge amount of added work enjoy more tropical climate plants. Sky Flower delivers the beauty of blooms in a variety of color that is enhanced by it’s trait of producing brightly hued berries at the same time. In the area around Phoenix, Cave Creek and Glendale, Arizona – landscape design needs all the help from blooms and the subsequent fruit you can add without increasing your maintenance quotient. Duranta erecta does all of that and more, provided you supply the large shrub or ornamental tree with sufficient moisture.

While it is wise, both environmentally and in maintaining a budget, to focus on drought tolerant plants in your Arizona landscape design – one can include a few really beautiful plants just for the color they impart without losing focus. Landscaping in Arizona is best done with drip irrigation, even if your yard is completely devoted to xeriscaping plants suited for curb appeal.

The cool thing about Arizona drip irrigation as opposed to the traditional overhead automatic sprinkler system is that it puts the moisture where your Arizona landscaping plants need it most – at the root. Additionally, you can maintain both xeriscaping plants and tropical plants in the same yard without it becoming too much water for cacti and not enough for more moisture loving plants like Sky Flower.

You will find a variety of types and cultivars of fast growing Duranta available on the market around Cave Creek, Phoenix or Glendale, Arizona. Landscape design choices will ultimately depend on your unique property as far as curb appeal and outdoor living areas are concerned. You’ll find that there are a range of Sky Flower plant sizes that mature to between 6-feet tall and 12-feet tall. There are also available some lovely selections of these delicately scented Duranta plants that are trained into a tree-form, and those that have green, gold or variegated foliage.

It really all depends on what you need in each portion of your xeriscaping or landscape design in Arizona, as to what cultivar of Duranta you elect to plant around your home. Blooms color can range from pale pink to lavender, violet and purple. The ensuing berries can be gold, orange or even deeper in hue but are always an excellent foil to the color of the flowers.

To reduce the amount of work you’ll have to put into keeping your new Duranta looking great around your Cave Creek or Glendale home is simple, with a call to Desert Crest. Adding  Arizona drip irrigation system to your Phoenix area landcape can bring you the wonder of scented blooms and the beauty of color in ways that no died in the wool xeriscaping landscape design ever could. Sometimes a little investment is worth it’s weight in gold.