Unlike asphalt, Phoenix pavers are non-toxic and no maintenance assets to your Arizona home and lifestyle.

Scottsdale and Phoenix Driveways Could Be Toxic

The most common type of driveway paving has long been asphalt, as it is far less expensive than concrete. Something you might want to think twice about having as part of your Scottsdale or Phoenix landscaping – or anywhere near outdoor living spaces. There are  more cost effective paving materials that are lot safer to have in your yard.

Not only are Phoenix pavers better looking, they contain none of the toxicity that asphalt sealcoat introduces to your property.  Additionally, asphalt is a very high maintenance pavement to have on Scottsdale and Phoenix driveways. Yes, it is the least expensive option at first, but requires sealcoat applications no farther apart than every two years to prevent the paving from deteriorating.

With driveway pavers, there is no maintenance costs to worry about every couple of years, or even annually. The surface is ready to walk on or drive on the moment the Scottsdale or Phoenix landscaping crew drives away. It will look beautiful from day one and continue to do so for up to 100 years. No fading, sealing or cracks to repair. Phoenix pavers are ten times stronger than driveway concrete.

This past week, an alarming discovery was made regarding cold tar seal coating used nationwide on millions of miles of driveways, playgrounds, parking lots and streets. This is the most commonly used type of asphalt seal-coat and contains extremely high levels of benzo(a)pyrene. This chemical is so toxic that any business that dumped a barrel of it behind the building would instantly become defined as a  polluted industrial zone – violating all manner of environmental laws and be facing a mighty costly hazardous waste cleanup.

Worse still is the fact that as coal tar seal coat breaks down between fresh applications, the dust is tracked into homes and offices everywhere. So in all actuality, this toxicity doesn’t just stay outside in Scottsdale and Phoenix driveways, it blows around your Arizona landscaping, is tracked onto outdoor living spaces and into pools and waterways. Why we never question the safety of somethings is really surprising. After all, a substance that smells as bad as asphalt seal-coating couldn’t be good! The nose, as it were, should know when something is acceptable and when it isn’t.

In Scottsdale or Phoenix, pavers in your driveway, sidewalks, courtyard flooring or for patios and pool decks is never going to be toxic or require this constant resurfacing. They are far more valuable to your residential asset value than many people assume. Imagine if the now alerted EPA decided that our streets, parking lots, playgrounds and driveways were now a threat to the environment that must be eradicated immediately. The paving industry did some hard lobbying to get coal tar sealcoating approved as safe to use. This toxic substance shouldn’t be in your Arizona landscaping, let alone in the street Pavers don't just look great in your Phoenix, Arizona landscaping, they have zero toxicity like asphalt sealcoating does. that runs by the curb where your mailbox stands.

Most people, myself included, really never gave asphalt much question. It’s everywhere, a part of daily life. However, after reading this news item found by chance, it would be hard to accept having seal-coated paving anywhere, and most especially in my Scottsdale or Phoenix landscaping. Paver driveways, patios and pool decks are a many leveled benefit of values that goes far deeper and wider than their beautiful surface. From all angles, in any corner of Scottsdale and Phoenix, pavers the least costly and longest lasting material for your home.