Beating the heat on Scottsdale patios is instant with custom trellis ramadas from Desert Crest.

Scottsdale Patio Designs: Extending What You Already Have

Blending the existing with the new to extend Phoenix and Scottsdale patio designs doesn’t always mean matching what you have with what will be. Sometimes, the more creative and budget minded approach to be more eclectic about it all. There is something to be said for adding variety to life, and here’s one more place that you can do just that. Outdoor living spaces don’t always have to match every little detail to look sensational. Take this recently finished project at Desert Crest in the image above for example.

The original covered patio design featured one stucco pillar and stamped concrete flooring all in white to match the house. The space was far too small for anything besides a table that seats four and a grill, which is pretty standard sizing for a home builder when it comes to outdoor living spaces. For people living in this part of Arizona, a builder’s idea of a patio is never sufficient. Additionally, too much of one color is many times – just too much. We need a little more dimension to our world than that, especially at home where life is more relaxed.

Sure the optimum approach would be to tear out the original patio surface and redo the entire expanse. For many though, this simply isn’t possible if they are going to add the rest of the outdoor living features they really want. The cost involved may very well make many homeowners look for alternatives, and here is a great example of an excellent solution. There is no reason that the homeowner here, or even you, can revisit the patio pavers situation in a year or two and replace the original stamped concrete patio’s area with the more attractive Phoenix pavers. That’s one of the beauties of pavers, the fact that they always fit together like puzzle pieces.

In this backyard, there were two other needs to provide a solution for the homeowners’ desire for the perfect Scottsdale landscape design. First was the need for shade on the extended patio and secondly was the incorporation of an outdoor fireplace’s feature. Both were addressed in keeping with southwestern traditions with a keen eye on making the outdoor living space’s addition flow with other elements on the house.

While beehives are a very old form of Arizona fireplaces, they can also be very contemporary due to their sleek,¬†curvaceous¬†lines. They make the perfect compact outdoor fireplaces for small patios around Phoenix and Scottsdale, whether you want it to be wood burning or gas. Finishing the stucco masonry of the beehive and trellis ramada’s post footings in white connects the new construction with the home’s exterior beautifully. While the Pheonix pavers in the patio extension pick up the red tile roof, they also compliment the black frames of the windows. Making the ramada’s wood dark and weathered looking also compliments the window frames as well as the homeowner’s existing outdoor furniture.

This particular remodeled patio design’s appeal is not just a great blend of traditional and modern, but also creates more warmth to the outdoor living area. At the same time, the colors and materials used blend the old and the new very well.¬†Scottsdale landscape design can be far more creative than you might think when it comes to adding onto your existing spaces.