Exotic looking, easy to grow Canna lilies can do very well in our Arizona climate.

Sensational Tropical Phoenix Landscaping Plants

Not all plants will thrive in the intense Arizona sun and heat over the summer. Truly fabulous, exotic looking Phoenix landscaping plants like the Canna offer you a huge selection of flower colors and some have striking colored foliage as well. These tall hardy perennials in our growing zone can add a great deal of excitement and drama to many areas of the yard and are really showstopping planted in clumps when in full bloom. Those with wildly streaked leaves can be an arresting focal point plant from spring through to first frost even in the months they aren’t in flower.

There are hundreds of different Canna lily variations to choose from ranging from dwarf varieties at only 3 feet tall to statuesque selections towering at over 6 feet in height. Their large flowers come in colors from cream and peach to yellows, oranges, reds and hues in between, not to mention the combination of two ormore of these on one bloom. Breeders of Cannas have come up with some breathtaking new colors. Foliage choices like chocolate or black flushed leaves, burgundies, white variegated, a range of greens and the wild One of the most exciting canna lilies for Phoenix landscaping and gardens.looking color streaked leaves of the one known as Tropicanna can really put a lot of zip into any landscape design in Phoenix, Scottsdale and other locales around this region.

These aren’t a true lily, but are grown from tubers that love good drainage and lots of intense sunshine and warmth. They’re an excellent addition to outdoor living spaces where you can enjoy their beauty closely and also make it easiest to water them. While they do thrive in our climate and bloom for long periods, they require good moisture availability to remain looking their very best. Cannas will deal with drought, but their folage can become tattered looking. Its best to amend the soil with good humus content to keep moisture about the roots in between watering. You should plan on giving your Cannas a deep drink once a week. As far as beyond average plants for Phoenix landscaping go, this is rather low maintenance.

You will find Cannas available at retail garden centers and nurseries around the area, but if you really want to grasp just how vast and exciting these perennials can be looking for them at online canna dealers is a great idea. One of the hugest selections of cannas in the United States is found at Karchesky Canna on the internet. Their selection is astounding and covers about every color of leaf and bloom you can imagine… and then some. It is suggested that you purchase the bulb as opposed to seed, as you’ll have lovely plants for your yard or garden much faster and with less work involved. These will be dormant bulbs though, and not a started plant in a pot as is available from local Phoenix landscapers and garden centers. Its well worth the added step of starting them on your own. You’ll see what we mean after investigating a few pages in their catalog. No doubt you’ll want far more than one or two of what they have to offer.

The deep colored blooming varieties that are red or close to it are attractive to hummingbirds, adding more fascinating features to your sunny courtyard, pool landscaping or the planting areas around your patio. Whether light and airily delicate like a butterfly, or flamboyant and bold, adding these handsome perennials to your Phoenix landscape design can give you enormous impact and gorgeous color with a highly tropical feeling.

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<em>Images courtesy of Newtown graffiti (yellow), rjones0856 (red), and meknits (tropicanna) CC2.0 Share-Alike. </em>