You don't need lots of space for full featured Anthem patio design. Not when you work with Desert Crest on your Anthem landscaping.

Small Space – Big Assets in Anthem Patio Design

For those Northwest Valley homeowners out there wishing they had a larger backyard in order to have an patio that allowed them to enjoy all the finer aspects of outdoor living rooms, good news! You can pack a lot of exciting features into a small Anthem patio design. Space planning will be super important though when you’re trying to cram a whole lot of living into a compact area. Not only that, but it can be an attractive and inviting place that offers you many reasons to extend your lifestyle beyond the walls of your home.

This particular Anthem landscape design project is beautiful and colorful and adds so much to this small backyard. It’s a testament to the fact that you really don’t need tons of room to have fantastic Anthem landscaping. Here there is an outdoor room defined for every one of the homeowner’s needs and interests. The patio dining space is clearly separate from the other areas, this is made even more pronounced by the arrangement of the outdoor furniture. Putting more emphasis on the invisible walls in the layout is the raised part of the patio. Levels can do so much for a patio.

While there is nothing really unusual about the materials we have used in this project, it does stand out from average flagstone patios. Anthem homeowners are divided on whether they prefer pavers over natural stone paving. This is great, we all have our own ideas of what works best for us, it adds interest and individuality to every backyard. Still, we love it when our customers ask for natural stone paving. It allows us to create a look that isn’t possible with pavers… its well, more natural, though both materials can be used to build a gorgeous patio.

Stone paving can be done in any shape, but by picking up the curves in the cool decking joints and echoing it on the raised portion of the outdoor living area tons of interest is introduced that isn’t possible in the average single level rectangular patio design. The solid privacy wall softened with maturing shrubbery does wonders for the backdrop of the dining area. The contrast between the homeowner’s choice of a black outdoor dining set makes quite the statement against the softly coral flagstone. Patios, Anthem, gain so much depth and interest with the accessorizing once the design is installed.

Lots of color is found in the flowering plants both in pots and in the patio’s xeriscaping landscaping. Bringing the outdoor fireplace’s presence in the corner to attention is something that the Lady Banks Rose and Red Bougainvillea climbing the fence are handling very nicely. Other desert loving plants like the fine textured ornamental grass seen on the edge of the photo and the bright white blooms of the low growing perennial in the foreground all work well at brightening and softening the edges of the hardscape. Scattered pots of geraniums and other annuals add more splashes of colorful interest while drawing the raised sunning space to become the center of attention.

Small space issues or just a yearning for flagstone patios, Anthem, that are not average or run of the mill, give us a call. You really can’t go wrong as our consultations for Anthem landscape design are always free.