Turn your hot tub into a gorgeous spa to compliment your patio by Desert Crest in Scottsdale and Phoenix.

Spa Surrounds – The Phoenix Patio Designs’s Finishing Touch

No matter how much you pay for a spa, it still winds up looking like an over sized outdoor bathtub, unless it is custom built as part of your in-ground swimming pool. For many homeowners around Scottsdale and Phoenix, patio design leads to adding a hot tub. As we all know, the inside of a spa is far more wonderful than the manufacturer’s shell. The solution to hiding that ugly part is to have a custom built spa surround installed.

Like any type of masonry walls or features we add to our outdoor living space, Phoenix spa surrounds need to look great with the pavers or stone used on your patio, as well as make a good match with the walls of your home. After all, that hot tub is one of those great life enriching features that is highly desirable to include on the Arizona patio, and it should look just as beautiful as your landscaping and hardscaping does.

There are lots of ways to cover the majority of the exterior walls of a spa, but all of them will when professionally designed and installed:

  • Leave access for repair and maintenance to the spa.
  • Be constructed from stone or stucco for long lasting beauty and value.
  • Accommodate and hide the electricity needed to run the spa.
  • Allow for drainage so water doesn’t collect around or under the shell inside the surround.
  • Allow complete removal of the spa if necessary without dismantling the surrounding wall.

The best way to start the process will always be by contacting fully licensed Phoenix landscapers. These seasoned contractors will have the experience, skills and permits to not only complete the project right, they will be able to make your spa surround the perfect asset to both your landscaping and patio design’s appeal. There won’t be any guesswork involved in what your finished enclosure will look like since a highly detailed CAD design will be the first thing they will do after your onsite consultation to look the situation over and be able to create a solution that meets your desires.

While it may look like the spa surround in this picture completely encloses the hot tub, it is u-shaped to allow full access to the control and areas that must be reached should repairs to the unit be needed. Notice that the spa is no where near where you would find an electrical outlet in an outdoor living space’s layout. A dedicated 220 line has been run to provide the proper electricity without dangerous and unsightly extension cords stretched across the patio.

Designs and styles can be highly unique, very simple or more elaborate. You can elect to lower the spa halfway into the ground and shorten its presence or have taller enclosure walls installed and leave it fully above ground. Adding drainage all the way around the shell of a hot tub in a permanent masonry enclosure is important. Whether from rainfall, overflow or a leaking water line, water collecting without a means of escape can cause damage to Scottsdale and Phoenix spa surrounds, something many might not consider an issue here in our arid climate. For spas installed partially below ground, adding a sump pump is very important. Water trapped in the hole can cause damage to the floor of the unit. This makes keeping excavated area dry at all times a must.

Whether you’re just looking into Phoenix patio designs or already have one in place, Desert Crest can create spa surrounds to match the pavers or stone chosen, as well as your outdoor fireplace and all other feature elements that are part of your landscaping. We can add seat walls, pillars, lighting or overhangs with an adjacent bar area for entertaining… whatever you have in mind is possible when working with us. Why have a patio bathtub when your spa can be a thing of great beauty and luxury?