Stone and stucco Phoenix BBQ islands are the perfect compliment to patio designs of Phoenix pavers.

Spicing Up Patio Designs with Phoenix BBQ Islands

Backyard living in any location just isn’t complete with great patio designs. Here in Arizona, the perfect feature to round out the usefulness of your outdoor living space is definitely built in gas grills. Portable grills are fine, but generally lack the long lasting material quality you find in models designed to be built into BBQ islands. At some point many homeowners get weary of replacing the grill every few years. Since outdoor cooking is something we can enjoy most of the year, having a more permanent setup is highly desirable in the Phoenix area.

While we have graduated from the basic grill fare of burgers, hot dogs and steaks to more gourmet dishes and meals, adding things like cook tops and even smokers to Phoenix BBQ islands has become not just popular, but important. Not only is it convenient to be able to prepare and cook an entire meal on the patio, designs homeowners seek today blend entertaining, cooking and dining into one outdoor space. So more often than not, requests for designing Phoenix BBQ grills means adding bar space to the unit along with food preparation counter space.

Stainless steel grills and cook tops come in a variety of sizes, but most people tend to lean toward a mid-sized grill and a four burner stove inset. If you’re going to go all out in whipping up a feast, its best to have enough cooking space to pull it off. Adding refrigerators and storage space is also popular, but not necessary for enjoying the permanent grilling space.

Patio designs made with Phoenix pavers are probably the most popular style in the area. Long lasting, great looking and less expensive than natural stone paving, pavers are the most commonly requested material for new patio installation today. Since they are always a blend of earth tones we find in natural stone, this paving material makes a great companion to stone and stucco BBQ islands.

While the shape of a BBQ island isn’t anything set in stone, many homeowners request a design something like the one pictured above with a round bar on one end that will accommodate four comfortably. This particular built in gas grill’s design uses a curved island with prep or serving space both sides of the grill. The bar can double and added room or keep the party where the action is. Having the bar so close to the grill is great for keeping a close eye on your meat while having easy access to a chair and your dinner partners.