Start to Finish: Scottsdale – Phoenix Landscape Design

For homeowners anywhere, not just in Scottsdale or Phoenix, landscape design can be a rather mystical thing. After all, you can’t really see the finished product until the installation is completed. Someone needs to have some vision to make a fabulous looking space between what the designer puts on paper in scale and the outcome of the process.

Unless you’re the guy with the vision, it can be hard to imagine what truly will exist when a landscape design is translated from symbols and fill patterns to reality in your yard. Hopefully, the landscape designer in Phoenix or Scottsdale you’ve hired has more artistic talent than you see on the CAD drawing of the space they show you before any work is started. Using the scaled landscape design above as an example – can you really tell what the scene will actually look like in the end? Chances are, you can’t. You might have some kind of idea, based on the material samples that will make up the patio pavers, and your knowledge of what the different plants labeled in the print look like. The rest of it may be very mysterious indeed.

You may think that the plants are too sparse in the initial design for your Scottsdale landscaping or Phoenix landscaping. Over time though, those plants will grow into much larger presences than they appear on that scaled print. They may even look more sparse when the installation is finished than your landscape design depicted. Rest assured, they will increase and not that long into the future, they will occupy a far larger space than they do in the beginning. For the most part, your landscaping plants arrive as toddlers and will quickly grow into their adult stature after they’ve established themselves in your ground soil. As a landscape client once said, “Its like taking a picture and waiting a year or two for the film to be developed.”

Even so, a good deal of what will one day be can be seen by the time your Arizona landscaping is completely installed. All that is left after that is for the plantings to fill. In the meantime, you’ll hopefully be enjoying excellent straight lines and fluid curves on masonry and pavers that is in itself beautiful. Truth be known, fuller plants can’t do that much at disguising shoddy hardscaping craftsmanship.

Naturally it helps if your Scottsdale or Phoenix landscaping company has a great deal of experience in all facets of work that they will be doing in your yard. If the company has a lot of pictures of previous work to share, and many positive client reviews, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that no matter how mystical the symbols on that paper look, things will look lovely in the end.

The design we used for an example above is a reality. Here’s the newly finished Desert Crest installation below. Straight lines, great flowing curves and smart looking masonry that coordinates beautifully with the travertine pavers in this now xeriscaped Sun City backyard.

Xeriscaping and travertine pavers makes lakeside living low maintenance and beautiful.

The question is – does this backyard look anything like the original landscape design used to create it? Yes, but it looks far more fabulous in person and fully 3D. Definitely, far more attractive than that CAD drawing had the ability to convey. We weren’t worried about it, and neither was the client. When it comes to landscape design for Scottsdale, Phoenix and all the locales in between, Desert Crest has many years experience at bring beauty to life. You might say, we have that vision that makes what was on the paper design come to life in the most amazing way.