Abundant and beautiful pink blooms make Pink Trumpet Vine popular for Phoenix landscape design.

Striking Vine for Phoenix Landscape Design

A simply stunning woody rambler that presents Arizona homeowners with a variety of applications. Very easy to grow, Podranea ricasoliana is very tolerant of xeriscaping landscaping conditions. A native of South Africa, Pink Trumpet Vine is no shrinking violet in the heat of summer heat around Phoenix. Landscape design uses are numerous, but you’ll want to be sure to place this drought tolerant beauty in a spot where you can enjoy the gorgeous blooms.

You’ll find this to be a rapidly growing plant that will quickly develop and fill it’s appointed space. The foliage is handsome and glossy rich green, making it an attractive addition to any Phoenix landscape design even during the months it is not blooming. In frost free climates, Pink Trumpet Vine blooms year around. This may create a little envy for flower lovers, but the plant would get so huge in such an environment, it would outgrow the available space in today’s smaller yards. Here in this area of Arizona, you can plan on this lovely plant to become about 15 feet tall. Without training and judicious pruning, it can also grow as wide as it is tall.

Podranea can be used as a ground cover in large open spaces, or trained into a shrub if desired. The most common used for this vine that climbs without tendrils is to soften or cover courtyard walls and fences. It can be espaliered to conserve limited space in your courtyard, but the least amount of maintenance would be found when planting Pink Trumpet Vine on the outside of the wall. It will quickly reach the top and spill a heavenly scented spring display of pink blooms to cascade over your courtyard walls and into your outdoor living space in spring, and sometimes again in fall.

This plant is often used to create some privacy along open fencing or to hide unsightly chain link fences. It will develop into a hedge in only a few short years, though it will not be evergreen in our frost prone winters. Should a colder than usual winter happen along, a Pink Trumpet Vine killed to the ground will grow right back from the root. It won’t be long and it will have repaired to it’s former full glory. Far more rugged and resilient than it looks while in bloom, this low maintenance vine tolerates the extremes of our desert climate very nicely.

So many of today’s outdoor living spaces are surrounded by privacy walls that need softening. This makes using the Pink Trumpet Vine very popular in Phoenix landscape design for pool landscaping, privacy hedges and decorating courtyard walls. Unlike a vine with tendrils, this one won’t damage stucco, though does require some type of support to scale smooth vertical surfaces.