Desert Ruellia (Image courtesy of Carl E Lewis, CC by 2.0

The Color Purple in Phoenix Landscape Design

While form and size is important to consider when selecting the shrubs, trees and perennials for different spots in your yard, color is what most people look for in plants.

There are many choices in yellows, orange and white in flowering desert plants normally used in Phoenix landscape design. Reds and pink hued blooms are also available in good numbers. When it comes to blues and purples that don’t head toward pink, your Arizona plantings will gain better dimension with these flower colors present.

For height that allows a canopy that you can see beneath the small ornamental tree shape of Vitex or Chastetree is lovely. This allows you to plant beneath it next to the patio of leave it clean and sparse as a specimen in the xeriscape design. Chastetree is covered with lilac shaped blooms in April-June and reaches 10-25 feet high and wide in your Arizona landscape design.

Blue Solarum or Blue Potato Plant offers height and lovely blue-purple blooms for spring against a silvered leaf perennial plant. Finding a good spot for this 6 foot wide and 10 foot high plant will be easy for Phoenix landscape design as it offers you good foliage accent in summer andImage courtesy of CC by 2.0 by upyernoz fall.

If you’re hungry for royal blue blooms that will color your Arizona yard from spring through fall, the perennial  Victoria Blue Salvia, also known as Mealy Cup Sage is absolutely wonderful. The green leaves of this desert landscaping plant add good looking texture topped with masses of those beautiful blooms from March-November. For sunny spots in landscape design where consistent color is wanted at 1 foot to 4 foot high.

Another long blooming plant that is really popular for Arizona landscaping is the Mexican Petunia or Desert Ruellia shrub. Here you have a lovely little evergreen shrub that will even fit under windows in a Phoenix landscape design. Maturing to 3 foot high and wide, you have flowers in light blue purple in your desert landscaping from March-November with this plant in your yard. In the heat of the desert sun, the foliage of this particular shrub takes on a metallic blue tone.

You’ll enjoy a vibrant array of blooms from May-June with Chaparral Sage well placed throughout a Phoenix landscape design. In full sun this perennial plant is right at home in the Arizona xeriscape planting. A native plant from the Baja that has nice form even after blooming, it will reach 4 foot high and 6 foot wide.

For enchanting rich purple flowering vines Blue Coral Pea (also known as Lilac Vine) is an excellent plant for Arizona landscape design. It can be used as a scrambling ground cover in part shade or for accenting adobe walls grown on a trellis. This evergreen climber is popular in Phoenix for its delight for its April-May blooms with consistent moisture.

While there are a few other blue-purple blooming plants that will do well in your Arizona landscaping, the blooming is less showy and best enjoyed up close. From a Phoenix landscape designer point of view, the more blued purples lend more impact with reds and pinks than the pinker hued purple blooms will.