The Outdoor Kitchen – Smokin’ Hot Phoenix Landscaping

While outdoor living patios are all the rage nationwide, Arizona residents enjoy almost year around use of outdoor rooms and pursuits. This makes the outdoor kitchen even more of an in demand item around Phoenix. Landscaping sure has come a long way in the past couple of decades. What was once meant to soften the foundation of an abode is now something far, far more. Just as our outdoor world at home has evolved, so has the situation of the outdoor BBQ grill.

How did we ever get by with a Hibachi and some charcoal? Granted, except for smokey BBQ’d or flame broiled meat, our idea of grilling out was confined to hot dogs, burgers and steak with a little zesty basted chicken tossed in for excitement. Today with the advent of the built in gas grill breaking ground for complete outdoor kitchens, anything goes for whipping up a feast in the backyard.

Patio designs completely reinvented themselves with the advent of the uniform paver stone. Outdoor kitchen designs followed suit, but really only came into the possibility of being once the appliance and grill folks jumped into the weatherproof convenience mode. Today’s outdoor living patio is not quite complete without that grill, and having a built in gas grill is something every homeowner wants. Tossing in that handy fridge and meal preparation surface is a natural part of the outdoor BBQ evolution.

The materials combination used in outdoor kitchen designs are almost limitless for custom installations. You can mix stone, tile, brick, block and stucco to come up with a one of a kind look that is easily shaped to fit your space and utility needs.

A lot of thought and space planning goes into a great outdoor kitchen. Beyond having that built in grill and ample meal preparation and serving space on the counter – what else should you look for in outdoor kitchen designs? For starters, summer temperatures in this part of Arizona decree that you not make the grill the center of outdoor kitchens. If you’re smart that grill will go in the outside corner away from the relaxed  dining space or your guests will feel like they have to get away from the fire.

For some homeowners adding a simple outdoor kitchen with patio dining and BBQ cooking utensils beneath the grill counter and having that handy outdoor refrigerator tucked in too meets all their requirements. Tossing in the kitchen sink and a cook top is a must for serious grill gourmets. Why run in and out of the house when you can remain right there in the center of the gathering? The cabinets and appliances are stainless steel so they will last forever even in the land of ice and snow. One can’t say they are a wasteful investment and the rewards are easily seen.

Old world wood-fired breads and pizzas need not be something you enjoy at certain eateries. Your outdoor kitchen can include these too, but again, you’ll want it not installed in close proximity to the entertainment and dining space in your backyard Phoenix landscaping. You’ll also most likely want outdoor kitchen designs that fit neatly beneath your pergola or ramada to increase the amount of hours you can enjoy this open air space throughout the year.

Don’t forget to weigh in how much importance catching the game live has or enjoying a movie under the stars. You can even add a weatherproof TV to the outdoor living patio. What better place to position this feature than where it can be comfortably viewed from your outdoor kitchen’s bar? No matter what you decide must be included your outdoor kitchen design’s features, as a general contractor, Desert Crest can handle all installations on the spot.  Masonry, electrical, gas lines and shade structures overhead… its a complete outdoor kitchen’s design and installation with one Phoenix landscaping company.